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The 2014 1 hour TCT Refresher is now available on the Response Directorate What's new Page at This is a mandatory refresher for currency in the surface operations progr… more »
The optional 2014 Operations Workshop slides are now available on the What's new page for the Response directorate at more »
The new Initial and Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshop resource materials, announced in ALAUX -10/13 on 08 AUG, are now available. Take a look at the Response Directorate Education Division page [… more »
The 2013 TCT Refresher Session materials and the 2013 Operations Workshop materials are now available. Both products have been posted and may be downloaded from the Response Directorate "What's New" web page. Source [Robert Shafter DIR-R] more »
The 2012 Surface Operations workshop materials are now available on the Response web site at This is an Optional training session for Auxiliarists participating in surface operations. more »
The 2012 TCT Refresher training materials are now available on the Response web site. As in prior years, this is a required session for all surface operations Auxiliarists. Failure to complete this session in 2012 will place you in REYR status. Sour… more »