Category: Appointed Leadership

Pursuant to the Auxiliary Manual, all appointed staff officers are appointed and serve at the elected Auxiliarist’s pleasure. A staff officer’s appointment starts and expires with the term of the appointing leader unless the appointment is te… more »
Congratulations to Sue Davies who has been appointed the DIR-U (IT User Support Services). Source [Terry Barth, N-EA] more »
Congratulations to Jan Munro who has been appointed the ANACO-IT (Information Technology). more »
Commodore Washburn would like to thank all Auxiliarists who recently applied for 2016 - 2018 ANACO or Director positions. There were a record number of resumes submitted from highly qualified Auxiliarists, making the selection process extremely difficult… more »
National Commodore Mark Simoni is pleased to announce the results of the election of Deputy National Commodores, and NACO Richard Washburn (e) announces the appointment of Deputy National Commodore Information Technology and Planning. Their term of offic… more »
Effective 1 August 2015 the following Senior Staff Change is in effect: Stephen A. Ellerin - Director-B (Recreational Boating Safety Outreach) Congratulations Stephen! Source [Terry Barth N-EA} more »
Effective 13 June 2015 the following Senior Staff Change is in effect: Robert E. Holm - Director-T (Training) Congratulations Robert! Source [Terry Barth, N-EA] more »
As of June 8, 2015 the following Senior Staff change is in effect: Dalene G. Bailey Director-I (International Affairs) Congratulations Dalene! Source [Terry Barth, N-EA] more »
As of 23 May 2015 the following Senior Staff changes are in effect: COMO Vince Pica - Senior Advisor to Commodore Simoni COMO Robert Shaffer - ANACO - RB (Recreational Boating Safety) COMO Karel Kester - ANACO - RP (Response and Preve… more »
The following are the Director appointments for a two-year term of office commencing 01 November 2014:DIR-A (Public Affairs) - Harry M. JacobsDIR-B (Recreational Boating Safety Outreach) - Kelly L. TownsendDIR-C (Computer Services) - Alexander Po… more »