What's New Home - Limited to 20 last days http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/member_news.php en-US http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss ANSO 2021 VIRTUAL EASTERN REGION (ERS) SYMPOSIUM <p><img src="http://wow.uscgaux.info/artwork/DHS_Logo.png" alt="DHS Logo" title="DHS Logo" /><br /> <b>ALCOAST 149/21 - APR 2021 ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL SERVICES OFFICERS (ANSO) 2021 VIRTUAL EASTERN REGION (ERS) SYMPOSIUM</b></p> <p><i>U.S. Coast Guard sent this bulletin at 04/16/2021 10:25 AM EDT</i></p> <p>R 161416Z APR 21<br /> FM COMDT COGARD WASHINGTON DC<br /> TO ALCOAST</p> <p>BT<br /> UNCLAS<br /> ALCOAST 149/21<br /> SSIC 5050<br /> SUBJ: ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL SERVICES OFFICERS (ANSO) 2021 VIRTUAL<br /> EASTERN REGION (ERS) SYMPOSIUM<br /> 1. The 2021 ANSO Virtual Eastern Region Symposium (ERS) will be<br /> held 5 May 2021. This year's theme is "Maintaining a Culture of<br /> Excellence in Challenging Times." See <a href="http://www.ansomil.org">www.ansomil.org</a> for more<br /> information.<br /> 2. The 2019-2023 USCG Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan supports<br /> and encourages participation in affinity group conferences in an<br /> effort to increase retention of a diverse and talented workforce.<br /> Affinity groups and their conferences are force multipliers for<br /> recruiting, retention, and professional development and supports<br /> the overall 2018-2022 USCG Strategic Plan and the FY 2021-2024<br /> DHS Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan. ANSO in particular,<br /> provides networking and partnering opportunities with other Sea<br /> Services by providing role models and mentors for CG junior officers,<br /> enlisted members, civilian employees, cadets and officer candidates.<br /> Affinity group conferences promote belongingness and understanding<br /> which increases retention and supports CG diversity efforts. These<br /> events are valuable professional development opportunities that<br /> provide a forum for mentoring, networking and optimizing career<br /> success. All employees (active duty, Reservists, civilians, and<br /> Auxiliarists) are encouraged to attend. Underrepresented minority<br /> groups and women will particularly benefit from networking with<br /> others who share their demographic background and non-minorities<br /> will have an opportunity to learn about issues and challenges<br /> facing underrepresented groups. CG leaders and supervisors will<br /> benefit by becoming acquainted with the unique histories and<br /> challenges of particular demographic groups in the workforce<br /> which will allow greater comfort level for understanding and<br /> promoting workforce diversity.<br /> 3. COMDT (CG-127) will coordinate the Conference Attendance and<br /> will account for all attendance and overall cost. All CG employees<br /> desiring to attend the conference must submit a completed TDY<br /> worksheet signed by their chain of command to CPO Jomar Dunham<br /> and CDR Chaning Burgess at <a href="mailto:Jomar.R.Dunham@uscg.mil">Jomar.R.Dunham@uscg.mil</a>,<br /> <a href="mailto:Chaning.D.Burgess@uscg.mil">Chaning.D.Burgess@uscg.mil</a>, and copy <a href="mailto:HQS-SMB-ANSO@USCG.MIL">HQS-SMB-ANSO@USCG.MIL</a> by<br /> NLT 23 April 2020.<br /> 4. CO/OICs are encouraged to promote and support the professional<br /> development of all government employees. COMDT (CG-127) will cover<br /> registration fees ($100 per person) for the first 25 applicants,<br /> with the highest priority being given to junior members and first<br /> time attendees. COMDT (CG-127) will notify applicants directly if<br /> registrations will be funded.<br /> 5. Permissive orders for military members are authorized. Whether<br /> on official orders or self-funded, civilian employees attendance<br /> including travel time is considered work time. For civilian employees<br /> supervisory approval to attend during work time (including a<br /> reasonable amount of travel time) must be indicated by email,<br /> and reflected in the remarks section of the employee's timecard.<br /> The remarks must state the employee is approved work and travel<br /> time to attend the ANSO Conference during his/her scheduled tour<br /> of duty on 5 May 2021. The employee's attendance at events outside<br /> of the employee's scheduled tour of duty is not required and is at<br /> the employee's discretion; therefore overtime and compensatory time<br /> for work cannot be approved.<br /> 6. Uniform for Symposium attendance is Tropical Blue (short sleeve).<br /> Civilian attire is business casual.<br /> 7. POC: Please contact Ms. Blanca Rosas, ANSO National President,<br /> <a href="mailto:Blanca.Rosas2@uscg.mil">Blanca.Rosas2@uscg.mil</a> or by phone at (305) 415-6778 with any<br /> questions or concerns.<br /> 8. This message is valid until 6 May 2021.<br /> 9. Ms. Michelle R. Godfrey, Director of Civilian Human Resources,<br /> Diversity, and Leadership (CG-12), sends.<br /> 10. Internet release is authorized.</p><div class="item_footer"><p><small><a href="http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/member_news.php?title=alcoast-149-21-apr-2021-association-of-naval-services-officers-anso-2021-virtual-eastern-region-ers-symposium&amp;more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1">Original post</a> blogged on <a href="http://cgaux.org/">www.cgaux.org</a>.</small></p></div> http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/member_news.php?title=alcoast-149-21-apr-2021-association-of-naval-services-officers-anso-2021-virtual-eastern-region-ers-symposium&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1