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Photo by Brian KrotserJune 16, 2023 Joint operations event sees active duty and Auxiliary crews prepare for a busy SAR season By John Saran, AUXPA1, District Captain — Area East, Auxiliary District 9WR The SAR alarm sounded, beckoning active duty and… more »
The 2013 member survey was held from April 25 to May 15. This year's respondents are clearly among the most active and accomplished Auxiliarists. Along with completing the multiple choice section of the survey, members wrote sufficient personal comments… more »
Whether called the Millennial Generation, the Millennials, Generation Y, or Generation Next, Americans who were born after 1980 are the first in history to have lived their entire lives with technology. Millennials are more individualistic than earlier g… more »
On August 22nd the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District Commodores, Assistant National Commodores, Directors and their deputies, and District Chiefs of Staff participated in a workshop to further discuss the four top items identified from the NTRAIN 2012… more »
The Planning and Performance Directorate website updated with the NTRAIN 2012 Evergreen Report. At NTRAIN 2012, the Planning and Performance Directorate held a two and one-half hour brief based on the most recent Coast Guard Evergreen findings, calle… more »