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Congratulations to Sue Davies who has been appointed the DIR-U (IT User Support Services). Source [Terry Barth, N-EA] more »
Congratulations to Jan Munro who has been appointed the ANACO-IT (Information Technology). more »
Earlier this month we launched our on-line moderated forums, the Auxiliary Communities of Interest. Just as our Flotilla, Division, and District events bring us together to share best practices and discuss challenges, these new forums allow us to extend… more »
The Auxiliary Internet Resource System (AIRS) was established to host Auxiliary unit websites free of charge on Auxiliary servers. Since 2012 interest in AIRS sites have disappeared with the availability of WOW. For those units still on an AIRS site… more »
Due to a recent U.S. Coast Guard security directive, all users of the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA, and the AUXDATA Order Management system, AOM, have been tasked to perform a password reset when entering either system after 1400 on… more »
In 2012, the C Directorate brought online the AuxBridge, a system that automatically updated AuxDirectory from AuxData four times a day, replacing the old once per week manual updates. Last November, software problems between the C.G. Operational Support… more »
Our obligation to the Coast Guard and to the membership requires that the Auxiliary’s IT systems maintain up-to-date security patches and current versions of the software on which our services run. Recently we have had some service interruptions, broken… more »
We are currently working with the Coast Guard Operations Systems Center (OSC) to resolve an issue with the connection between AuxData and the AuxDirectory. AuxData updates to AuxDirectory normally take place four times per day. Currently that automatic p… more »
Recent updates to the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers for Windows PCs have resulted in compatibility issues with some Auxiliary web based services (some functions no longer work, displays format differently, pages hang, etc). In addition, recent v… more »
The BOATUS Foundation's popular Courseline website ( now automatically includes all Auxiliary Public Education courses that are listed in our National Public Education Database as searchable courses in their own Courseli… more »
Thu, 20 Dec 12 Posted by: IT DirectorateThe National Public Education Calendar and ZipCode Course Finder now permits PE officers to include links to other websites in their PE Course entries. The links show up in the Online PE Flyer that gets generat… more »
User Account Changes: Access will now be locked after 90 days of inactivity and deleted after 365 days of inactivity.Passwords still need to be changed every 90 days. Source [Marilyn S. McBain, DVC-UI] more »
Here is another training opportunity for CS staff officers and elected officers at all levels - the AUX-04 C-School has added a class for interested candidates, June 07-10 in San Diego, California. Here is another training opportunity for CS staff… more »
Here's an opportunity to attend a National "C" school and help your flotilla and/or division create a presence on the world wide web. The AUX-04 "C" school still has openings for interested candidates in the May 17-20 class located at Duluth, Minnesota.… more »
User Services and Support Director Dale Crow announced today the immediate availability of the Auxiliary's first video "walkthrough" guide, covering the use of the Online 7029 Webform.� The video shows members, in seven minutes, how to open and complete… more »
NATIONAL IT GROUP ANNOUNCES END OF LIFE FOR WOW-I WEBSITES; EASY CONVERSION TO POPULAR WOW-IIIn a technical memorandum released this date to all CS officers nationwide and to their unit commanders, the National IT department has declared "end of life… more »