Limited to 14 last days

Commodore King would like to thank all Auxiliarists who recently applied for 2018 - 2020 ANACO or Director positions. There were a record number of resumes submitted from highly qualified Auxiliarists, making the selection process extremely difficult. All candidates were interviewed and considered for the positions they sought. Once again, thank you for your interest and continued support.

The following are the Assistant National Commodore (ANACO) appointments for a two-year term of office commencing 01 November 2018:

ANACO-CC Doug Cream

Dep ANACO-CC Bruce Kelton


ANACO-FC Peter Jensen

Dep ANACO-FC Rich Mahalcik

ANACO-RB  Bob Shafer

ANACO-DV David Porter

Dep ANACO-DV Tracy Ray Schultz

ANACO-IT  Susan Davies

ANACO-PP Ken Jacobs

ANACO-RP Don Zinner

Dep ANACO-RP Jimin Chang


The following are the Director appointments for a two-year term of office commencing 01 November 2018:

DIR-A (Public Affairs) – Thea Narkiewicz

DIR-B (Recreational Boating Safety Outreach) – Paul Soden

DIR-C (Computer Software and Systems) - Patrick Malone

DIR-E (Public Education) – COMO Robert Laurer

DIR-H (Human Resources) - Todd Monis

DIR-I (International Affairs) – Louis Nock

DIR-M (Measurements) - Frederick (Bill) Scholz

DIR-P (Prevention) - John McLeod

DIR-Q (Incident Response and Preparedness) – Kevin Cady

DIR-R (Response) – Rick Saunders

DIR-S (Strategic Planning) – Tom Jacobsmeyer

DIR-T (Training) - Gregory Kester

DIR-U (IT User Support Services) – Randy Patton

DIR-V (Vessel Examinations and Partner Visit) – Christopher Wilson


Congratulations to all!

National Commodore Richard Washburn is pleased to announce the election results of the following Districts:


District Commodore, Charles Grossimon
District Chief of Staff, Byron Moe
District Captain Sector Northern New England, Duane Minton
District Captain Sector Boston, Steve McCann, Re-elect
District Captain Sector Southern New England, David McClure


District Commodore        William Bowen
District Chief of Staff       Mark Stone
District Captain    Sector Long Island Sound North, Paul Pronovest
District Captain Sector Long Island Sound South, John Traganos
District Captain New York North, Michael West
District Captain New York South, Valerie Ramsberger


District Commodore. Tom Dever
District Chief of Staff. Joe Giannattasio
District Captain East. Noreen Schifini
District Captain Central. Kurt Sarac
District Captain West. Robert Kuhn


District Commodore, Michelle Thornton
District Chief of Staff,  Allen Fredd
District Captain Sector North Carolina, Travis Cullifer
District Captain Sector Hampton Roads, Todd Monis
District Captain Sector Maryland- National Capital Region, Sam Tilley

D 7

District Commodore, Gary Barth
District Chief of Staff, Patricia McMenamin
District Captain East, Tom Butler
District Captain North, John Holmes
District Captain West, Thomas Bamford


District Commodore David F. Stroup
District Chief of Staff David C. Roberts
District Captain East Keith D. Blosser
District Captain South Chris M. Whitacre
District Captain West Paul D. Memmer


District Commodore. Charles E Maricle
District Chief of Staff. J Patrick Feighery Jr
District Captain East. Barry I Fox
District Captain Central. James M Coyne
District Captain West. Jeffery Stromer


District Commodore, Tracy DeLaughter
District Chief of Staff, Jeff Geddes
District Captain North, Steve Johnson
District Captain South, Darrell Kerr
District Captain East, John Davidson
District Captain West, Patrick Hicky


District Commodore, Dr Joseph Sopko, MD
District Chief of Staff, Dr. Clark Godshall, Ph.D
District Captain, Richard Evans
District Captain, Ronald Baker
District Captain, Fred Hasse


District Commodore. Sue Thurlow
District Chief of Staff. Catherine Slabaugh
District Captain North. David Hansen
District Captain Central. Jerri Smith
District Captain South. Chris Nelson


District Commodore.  Mary Kirkwood
District Chief of Staff. Dean McFarren
District Captain, Jerry Edelsen
District Captain, James Losi
District Captain, Judy Esteban


District Commodore:  Chris Harshfield
District Chief of Staff: Charles Geiger
District Captain: San Diego/Inland: Chris Milano
District Captain North: Norman Bundek
District Captain South: William Kopenski


District Commodore, Richard Williams
District Chief of Staff, Tiney Singler
District Captain North, Joseph Treece
District Captain South, William Lundine
District Captain East, Jonathan Wells


District Commodore:  Roland Zwicky
District Chief of Staff: Jason Snellings
District Captain Execution: Laurie Herrell
District Captain RBS: Adam Lipla
District Captain Mission Support: Dan Berman


District Commodore, James H. Chase
District Chief of Staff, Johnny C. Janik
District Captain, William R. Reiter

Congratulations to all!