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District Commodore. Tom Dever

District Chief of Staff. Joe Giannattasio

District Captain East. Noreen Schifini

District Captain Central. Kurt Sarac

District Captain West. Robert Kuhn


D 7

District Commodore, Gary Barth

District Chief of Staff, Patricia McMenamin

District Captain East, Tom Butler

District Captain North, John Holmes

District Captain West, Thomas Bamford



District Commodore. Charles E Maricle

District Chief of Staff. J Patrick Feighery Jr

District Captain East. Barry I Fox

District Captain Central. James M Coyne

District Captain West. Jeffery Stromer



District Commodore, Tracy DeLaughter

District Chief of Staff, Jeff Geddes

District Captain North, Steve Johnson

District Captain South, Darrell Kerr

District Captain East, John Davidson

District Captain West, Patrick Hicky



District Commodore, Dr Joseph Sopko, MD

District Chief of Staff, Dr. Clark Godshall, Ph.D

District Captain, Richard Evans

District Captain, Ronald Baker

District Captain, Fred Hasse



District Commodore. Sue Thurlow

District Chief of Staff. Catherine Slabaugh

District Captain North. David Hansen

District Captain Central. Jerri Smith

District Captain South. Chris Nelson



District Commodore. Mary Kirkwood

District Chief of Staff. Dean McFarren

District Captain, Jerry Edelsen

District Captain, James Losi

District Captain, Judy Esteban



District Commodore: Chris Harshfield

District Chief of Staff: Charles Geiger

District Captain: San Diego/Inland: Chris Milano

District Captain North: Norman Bundek

District Captain South: William Kopenski



District Commodore, James H. Chase

District Chief of Staff, Johnny C. Janik

District Captain, William R. Reiter