Parachute Flares

Question: What is the requirement for parachute flares on a vessel?

Answer: On the parachute VDS, there are no special considerations. As the VSC manual states:

Devices may be either self-contained or pistol launched, and either meteor or parachute assisted type. Some signals may require use in combination with a suitable launching device.

Then further down in the manual all VDSs are checks as follows:

Verify that the boat has on board suitable devices in the number and type required for day and night use. Different combinations are acceptable. The type of device determines the number required.

When doing a VSC in a state that prohibits percussion type distress signals, advise the owner of possible restrictions and alternative devices.

Ensure that pyrotechnic devices are properly sealed with all wrappings intact to prevent moisture damage.

Manufacture and/or expiration dates must be legible to meet decal requirements.

At no time should a VDS be test fired as part of the examination.

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