Branch Assistant - Prevention Directorate Vessel Activities Division

The Prevention Directorate is looking to fill five Branch Assistant positions:  CG District 7 (BA-PVS); CG District 8 (BA-PVG); CG District 13 (BA-PVP); CG District 14 (BA-PVH); CG District 17 (BA-PVK)

Working under the immediate supervision of a Branch Chief, the Vessel Activities Branch Assistant provides direct support for vessel activities within a Coast Guard District. This includes developing and maintaining close liaison with all commercial vessel examiners in the District, with all DSO-MSs, with all Auxiliary Sector Coordinators (ASC), and the Sector and District commercial vessel coordinators. The Branch Assistant is the key linkage between the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard regarding commercial vessel inspections, as well as public and industry education regarding safety, security, and regulatory compliance. The Branch Assist will provide leadership to train Auxiliary members in the areas of UPV, CFVE, UTV, and other domestic vessel inspections, facilitate completion of vessel activities PQSs, promote the Trident program, and assist members in their pursuit of vessel activities qualification. The Branch Assistant will also collect “best practices” relating to vessel activities, report on District activities in a timely manner, and facilitate the effective flow of communication from the Vessel Activities Division Chief (DVC-PV) and Branch Chiefs (BC-PVE, BC-PVC, BC-PVP). The Branch Assistant should hold at least one commercial vessel qualification, and have experience commensurate with the duties assigned. Teamwork and interpersonal skills are essential for this position.

If you are interested in the Commercial Vessel Activities Branch Assistant position in your Coast Guard District, please submit your Auxiliary APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL STAFF (ANSC 7062), a letter of interest, and a resume that reflects both your Auxiliary experience and professional experience to George Peek, Division Chief, Commercial Vessel Activities (DVC-PV) at

For a complete job description or additional information contact George Peek at

Branch Chief, LANTAREA WEST (BC-PVC) - Prevention Directorate, Vessel Activities Division

Working under the direct supervision of the Division Chief – Commercial Vessel Activities (DVC-PV), the Branch Chief – Vessel Activities (BC-PVC) provides coordination with the Branch Assistants in LANTAREA WEST to facilitate and maintain lines of communication with the Auxiliary leaders in Auxiliary Districts Eighth Coastal, Eighth Eastern, Eighth Western Rivers, Ninth Central, Ninth Eastern, and Ninth Western and their Coast Guard counterparts CG District Eight and Nine. The Branch Chief identifies and maintains reporting protocols for UPV, CFVE, UTV, LR, and domestic vessel inspections within the Branch. The Branch Chief assists Districts with developing member awareness of vessel inspection opportunities, providing training to members in the Branch, and integrating Auxiliary and gold side vessel inspection activities. The Branch Chief provides timely reports of Branch activities to the Division Chief (DVC-PV), collects and reports on “best practices” in the Branch, and makes recommendation concerning improvements to the Vessel Activities program. The Branch Chief should possess one or more commercial vessel qualifications, and have experience commensurate with the responsibilities of the office. Teamwork and interpersonal skills are essential for this position.

If you are interested in the Vessel Activities Division, Branch Chief, LANTAREA WEST position, submit your Auxiliary APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL STAFF (ANSC 7062), a letter of interest, and a resume that reflects both your Auxiliary experience and professional experience to George Peek, Division Chief – Commercial Vessel Activities (DVC-PV) at

For a complete job description or additional information, contact George Peek at


The National Response Directorate, Surface Division is looking for a Branch Chief Surface Safety (BC-RSS).

Working under the immediate supervision of the Division Chief-Surface (DVC-RS), this individual (team member) will assist with improving the high standards of the Auxiliary Surface Program by implementation and/or development of programs that will improve operational readiness and promote the availability of Surface Operations by conserving human resources, equipment, and funds through mishap prevention. Organizational skills, adherence to existing policy, record keeping, tracking and communication skills are a positive.

The selected applicant (team member) should be motivated, capable and interested in furthering the overall safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the Surface Program. As a team member of the National Surface Division the applicant will need to have interpersonal skills necessary to work with appointed leaders at the District/Region levels (DSO-OP/QE).

The ability to evaluate and resolve issues that impede the program by working in concert with DSO staff is a key component of this post. The selected applicant (team member) will be expected to review Auxiliary surface operations related mishap reports that provide “lessons learned” to the Auxiliary Surface Operations Community. Responsible for contributing to the development of the annual Operations Workshop and TCT Refresher.

The applicant as part of the National Response staff will provide assistance and support in achieving the objectives and current strategic plan goals of the Surface Operations Division as assigned. Applicants must hold a qualification (Coxswain qualification preferred) in the Surface Operations program. This is an assignment that requires teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills.

If you are interested in the positions, submit your Auxiliary APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL STAFF (ANSC 7062), a letter of interest, and a resume that reflects both your Auxiliary Experience and Professional Experience to: Dan Cole, DVC-RS. Email

For more information refer to:


We are looking for highly motivated Auxiliarists to support Active Duty elements in the following specialty areas below. Click on an augmentation program to get more information. BQ or AX status is required for all augmentation specialties, as is Mandated Training completion.

Applicants interested in Clergy Support must have a theological degree and ecclesiastical endorsement. Applicants interested in Health Services may anticipate an extensive review of professional credentials and experience. Contact information for each area is listed on the sub-pages below.

Augmentation Areas:

Clergy Support

Coast Guard Academy Admission Partners

Coast Guard Recruiting Services Partner

Food Service Program

Health Services

Ombudsman Program


The National Recreational Boating Safety Outreach (“B”) Directorate seeks a qualified Chief, Paddlecraft Safety Division (DVC-BP).

This is a great management opportunity for a self-starter with excellent interpersonal skills to have a major impact on the visibility of the Auxiliary to the general public. Prefer someone who has served in Auxiliary for two years minimum at any level in an elected position or as an appointed staff officer. Experience serving on National Staff a plus. Strong management background and administration skills required. Oral and written communication skills essential.

The Division Chief serves under the immediate direction of the Director of Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Outreach (DIR-B) to promote and support recreational paddling safety programs, and aids in developing and executing Auxiliary recreational paddling safety policy. Under the supervision of the Director of RBS Outreach, and consistent with Auxiliary National Board and National Staff Standing Operating Procedures, the DVC-BP shall (i) be responsible for the overall Auxiliary Paddlecraft Safety (AUXPAD) program with internal partners including Coast Guard District RBS Specialists and the Coast Guard Commandant Offices of Boating Safety and Auxiliary; (ii) coordinate with all appropriate Auxiliary RBS personnel, report and recommend actions; (iii) develop, review, and update paddlecraft safety materials for members and for outreach to the general public; (iv) provide informational and resource opportunities for the national membership through the use of newsletters, web pages, and in conjunction with the Education (E) and Training (T) Directorates, the development of Auxiliary education and training material; (v) ensure that department staff understands the concept of accountability as it applies to tasks, projects, and/or work assigned to them through completion, stressing that completion of work will be ascertained and communicated by their respective immediate supervisor in the chain of leadership and management; (vi) establish and maintain a close working relationship with the designated representative of the ACA as outlined in the current Memorandum of Agreement (MOA); (vii)perform related duties and other tasks as assigned.

This individual will be a subject matter expert on paddlecraft. He or she will be responsible for developing the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary initiatives to increase safety and reduce fatalities. Communications skills, both oral and written, and experience managing a group are required.

Candidate must complete Form 7062, available at the Forms Warehouse. Attach résumé highlighting military and civilian education, training and experience pertinent to this position. References are recommended. Transmittal email text should expand on: (1) why you want the position, (2) why you are qualified for this position, and (3) your plans for this position, if appointed. Job description available on request. Email package to Paul A. Soden, DIR-B,, not later than close of businessFriday, February 23, 2018, to be considered.