The National Recreational Boating Safety Outreach (“B”) Directorate seeks a qualified Boat Owner Partners Branch Chief in the Liaison Division (BC-BLB). Under general direction and supervision of DVC-BL, BC-BLB has overall responsibility for direct liaison with the Auxiliary’s boat owner partners, currently BoatUS. Maintains existing relationships with boat owner partners primary contacts, as outlined in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the partner organization, and establishes new partner relationships as assigned by DIR-B under the direction of DVC-BL. Establishes close working relationship with designated representative of each assigned organization.

The incumbent prepares and submits timely reports to DVC-BL of all meetings or other significant communications with boat owner partners. Submits feature articles on boat owner partners programs and activities, accompanied by photographs, for publication in RBS-Job #1, an internal on-line newsletter, and possible release to external media. Performs other duties as assigned. Please refer to the detailed job description posted on the B Directorate webpage:

The successful applicant should be a self-starter with excellent interpersonal skills who eschews the status quo, preferably having served in the Auxiliary for two years minimum at any level as an elected or appointed staff officer. Prior experience on National Staff is desirable but not required. More important than longevity, we are looking for candidates with track records of achievement in their personal and professional lives, including service in the Auxiliary. The applicant should have completed BQC-II, and additionally, he/she should possess basic computer and Internet literacy, including MS Word and Excel. Oral and written communication skills are essential.

Candidates interested in this position should complete Form 7062, Application for National Staff, available at Attach résumé containing education, training and experience pertinent to this position. Expand on why you want the position, why you are qualified for this position, and your plans for this position, if appointed. The applicant must have completed all Auxiliary Core Training. Please send completed Form 7062 and résumé to: Nan Ellen Fuller, DVC-BL,


The national Response Directorate, Surface Operations Division is looking for a Branch Chief Surface Special Projects (BC-RSP).

Working under the immediate supervision of the Division Chief-Surface Operations (DVC-RS), this individual (team member) will assist with improving the high standards of the Auxiliary Surface Program by maintaining a close liaison with the DSO-OPs and OTOs to follow up on requests for information and input from the field. They will research information from Auxiliary publications, Commandant Instructions, boating publications and the internet for the development of new programs, policies and processes. Write drafts of “white papers” and instructions outlining new surface operations initiatives for Directorate staff review. Write articles for the surface community which highlights changes to COMDTINSTs and other policies. Write articles on operational topics for the Directorate newsletter, “The Responder” and other publications. Design and deliver training and presentations on operations topics as required. Host and moderate the quarterly web conference with DSO-OPs and OTOs. Organizational skills, adherence to existing policy, record keeping, tracking and communication skills are a positive.

The selected applicant (team member) should be motivated, capable and interested in furthering the overall safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the Surface Program. As a team member of the Surface Operations Division the applicant will need to have interpersonal skills necessary to work with appointed leaders at the District/Region levels (DSO-OP/QE.

The ability to evaluate and resolve issues that impede the program by working in concert with DSO staff is a key component of this post. Responsible for contributing to the development of the annual Operations Workshop and TCT Refresher.

The applicant as part of the national Response staff will provide assistance and support in achieving the objectives and current strategic plan goals of the Surface Operations Division as assigned. Applicants must hold a qualification (Coxswain qualification preferred) in the Surface Operations program. This is an assignment that requires teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills.

If you are interested in the positions, submit your Auxiliary APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL STAFF (ANSC 7062), a letter of interest, and a resume that reflects both your Auxiliary Experience and Professional Experience to: David Larkin, DVC-RS (s). Email

For more information refer to:

Director - Web Services - CGAuxA (N-SCW)

Under the direction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) performs critical website services for the Auxiliary Association. This volunteer position is a National Support Element position to oversees and ensures the Association’s website is properly maintained and meets all support requirements for carrying out the Association's business/services and its critical support to the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary. The position reports directly to the CIO and shall keep the CIO well informed on all website issues.

Qualifications include:

  • Must be experienced in building and maintaining websites
  • Must be a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Familiar with and experienced in both HTML and WordPress
  • Experience with PHP and cPanel
  • Ability to work with and oversee other volunteers
  • Must be willing to volunteer experience and knowledge to the Association in its mission of supporting the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Submit your application package consisting of the Auxiliary Application for National Staff (Form ANSC 7062), a resume reflecting both your Auxiliary and professional website maintenance experience, along with a one-page letter detailing your interest in this position. Send your application package via email to the Executive Director at


We are looking for highly motivated Auxiliarists to support Active Duty elements in the following specialty areas below. Click on an augmentation program to get more information. BQ or AX status is required for all augmentation specialties, as is Mandated Training completion.

Applicants interested in Clergy Support must have a theological degree and ecclesiastical endorsement. Applicants interested in Health Services may anticipate an extensive review of professional credentials and experience. Contact information for each area is listed on the sub-pages below.

Augmentation Areas:

Clergy Support

Coast Guard Academy Admission Partners

Coast Guard Recruiting Services Partner

Food Service Program

Health Services

Ombudsman Program