V Dept Questions & Answers - Fire Extinguishers on 34 Foot Boat http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php?tempskin=_atom b2evolution 2022-12-09T16:24:11Z Fire Extinguishers on 34 Foot Boat Paul Mayer http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php/2012/08/13/fire-extinguishers-on-34-foot-boat 2012-08-13T18:24:19Z 2012-08-13T18:24:35Z Question: I have a type A,B,C extinguisher on the 34 foot sailboat( diesel engine). I am told I also need a type B2. Is this correct?

Answer: It's almost correct, this is what the rules state for your size boat:

Minimum number of extinguishers required:

Boat Length - No Fixed System - With Fixed System

26' to less than 40' - two B-1 or one B-2 - one B-1

So two B-1 extinguishers or one B2 would be acceptable unless you have a fixed system which you did not mention.