V Dept Questions & Answers - Capacity Plate Requirement http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php?tempskin=_atom b2evolution 2022-12-09T15:20:35Z Capacity Plate Requirement Paul Mayer http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php/2012/07/16/capacity-plate-requirement 2012-07-16T17:10:55Z 2012-07-20T01:23:43Z Question: Is the vessel's passenger capacity required to be visible ? If not it should be listed on your 15 point safety check. The recent NY accident, could be the reason.

Answer: Under the U.S. Coast Guard Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971, boats less than 20 feet powered with an inboard, outboard, or stern drive engine manufactured after November 1, 1972, must display a capacity plate defining the safe load limits. This plate must be mounted where you can see it when preparing to get underway. Sailboats, canoes, kayaks and inflatable boats are exempt from this standard.

They are generally near the helm of the vessel. Boats manufactured prior to 1971 are exempt from the requirement. It is in our 15 items as shown under recommended Item as it is not a safety requirement in the Federal Regulations.