V Dept Questions & Answers - Lost Registration in Washington State http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php?tempskin=_atom b2evolution 2022-12-09T16:51:45Z Lost Registration in Washington State Paul Mayer http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/vqa.php/2012/05/10/lost-registration-in-washington-state 2012-05-10T22:50:07Z 2012-05-10T22:50:51Z Question: I live in WA state and I just bought a 14' runaboat. The person I purchased it from lost the title but did write something out. My question is, do I have to go to the DOL and apply for an affidavit of lost title?

Answer: I would suggest that you start on the Washington State Boating website on this page:


That page has information that should point you in the right direction.