VE Ideas Exchange b2evolution 2018-12-12T14:23:23Z Reporting Tips Paul Mayer 2013-04-12T19:51:10Z 2013-04-12T19:51:10Z As an active VE, I always prepare my 7012/A in advance for reporting to my FSO-VE. It's a good idea to mark a space to fill-in on your 7012 to document the amount of time you spent on the VSC. Some boats take can over an hour and some only 20 min. After a long day, you may not know how much time total was spent especially if there is a long break in between or if you're working in multiple capacities (VE, Visitor, Aid Verifier, etc). It helps to accurately record the amount of time to report on the 7038. Another area I mark is next to Maritime Domain Awareness is the number of people were present when I give an AWW briefing. This too keeps an accurate log to be reported.

Submitted by: Greg Jurek, VE from Flotilla 01-06, District 114

Creative Maintenance Book Idea Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:56:43Z 2012-05-11T00:56:51Z Idea Exchange: For the boater who takes the time to have their vessel examined, we have printed a Marine Engine Maintenance Logbook. The inside front cover shows how to make a proper distress call. The inside back cover has a sample "Float Plan" and the back cover has a thank you note and an invitation to visit our flotilla at a meeting or on the Internet with our URL boldly printed in the center.

This logbook is something that every power-boater can use and is a reminder to visit us.

Submitted by: Harold Parker, FSO-VE from Flotilla 81, District.13

Get Involved With The Gold Side Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:54:43Z 2012-05-11T00:54:51Z Idea Exchange: Here is a great way to get involved with the gold side and to gain some extra VSC credits at the same time.

BMSC Robert Braford of USCG Station Oak Island requested that all of his vessels have VSCs. They were inspected by AUX Charlie Jones of Flotilla 10-05, Southport, North Carolina.

Submitted by: Stan Ash, SO-VE from Division 10, District 5(SR)

Turn VSC Customers Into New Members Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:52:25Z 2012-05-11T00:53:03Z Idea Exchange: VSC’s are the ideal chance to enlist new members. I bring in lots of new members, since I have done over 800 exams so far this year. It is also an ideal time to invite them to attend our PE classes. Hence if you are a top VE you should be tops at filling classes and Flotilla membership!

Submitted by: Joseph Zeller, VE from 0700908

Be A Good Salesman Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:50:53Z 2012-05-11T00:51:01Z Idea Exchange: A random act of Vessel Examination is a lot of work and stress! Every customer is a stranger. In the trade we call that a “cold call”. In other words you approach a total stranger and you have 15 seconds to sell boating safety and get their permission! There is a way to change that situation so that next year you have an appointment with a friend, you and the boat owner have already met!

Your best lead is someone that you already know, ask for his or her mailing address so you may send a reminder card. When you get home, make a note of the date you will send that post card, follow up next year and before you know it you will have an annual following.

Submitted by: John W. Combs, Vessel Examiner from Flotilla 85, District 7

Make It Easy For Them Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:48:56Z 2012-05-11T00:49:07Z Idea Exchange: Not only do we stress the need for each of our Public Boating students to have a VSC, we made it easy by giving them our phone numbers and making a date at the local yacht club to perform them...

Submitted by: Wayne Spivak, ADSO-IS/CS from USCG Auxiliary

Serving The Program Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:46:45Z 2012-05-11T00:47:00Z Idea Exchange: I have 18 Marine Dealers which I service. I arranged them in circular order so that I can visit them similar to a Salesman's route and it makes for maximum efficiency. If I find another Marine Dealer that spoils my route I pass it on to a fellow member. If it's within my route I add it and service it.

You are serving the program, not your ego well done.

Submitted by: Denis Sparks FC, SO PA, FSO PA from Flotilla 11-1, District 7

A Close Knit Group In My Flotilla Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:44:44Z 2012-05-11T00:47:27Z Idea Exchange: VEs, A CLOSE KNIT GROUP IN MY FLOTILLA

William Kramar, of Fl 73, 5SR, writes, by e-mail, that the VEs in his flotilla are a close-knit group, always striving to do quality work, continuously discussing their experiences/resolving grey areas, etc. and we are well trained/keep abreast of changes (whether informed by the written word or from confronting difficulties/unique situations in the field.)

He has been concerned with examiners from other units that will accept boats that he has not awarded a decal because of bad numbering or some other deficiency, only to see the boat a few weeks later with a CME decal and the same obvious deficiencies.

William joins many of us who wish that all Flotillas had good training programs and worked for perfection, rather than to see how many decals they can award without the proper examination or boater education.

Don Smutz, DC-V

Excellence in our execution is always the goal. Lives depend on it.

Submitted by: Don Smutz, from DC-V