Set Up At A Table

Idea Exchange: I am both a vessel examiner and a marine dealer visitor, as well as the MSEP officer in my flotilla. There are several boat ramps in my area and they have tables set up near the ramps. I use the table to set up all my information concerning all three programs - in one day I am able to reach children (don't forget the stickers and colouring books!) and adults on everything from boating safety to homeland security and marine safety items and what the CG and Auxiliary do. It is easy to reach a lot of people about a lot of items if you are willing to carry the materials! I also carry a list of what boating classes are running locally so I can give them that info right then. I am also a presence in uniform (I wear tropical blue because the people respond both better and more often to that one) at the docks. I have had people tell me they are used to seeing me and glad I'm there.

Submitted by: Judi DiMaio, FSO-MS from 10-20/10/1SR

Wear More Than One Hat

Idea Exchange: I am both a VE and MDV. My last MDV stop after I visit my marine dealers is the municipal boat ramp. I try to visit the dealers on weekdays when they are not busy.

As FSO-PA, I also publicize my dealers at boat shows and hold events with Flotilla or regular USCG presence. I am hardly ever without USCGAUX business cards and my mini digital camera.

Submitted by: William W. Garry, FSO-PA from 57/05/05

Carry Stickers To A VSC

Idea Exchange: VEs should carry MARPOL, oil pollution stickers and blank trash disposal plans to avoid unnecessary VSC failures.

Submitted by: Hal Leahy , FSO-CS from 070-05-01

VE's Should Work With CS Staff Officers

Idea Exchange: Examiners should work closely with their Communications Services officer to get a link to the Vessel Safety Check web site ( on as many local web pages as possible. Make sure that your state game and fish agency (or state boating agency) has this link on their page. After only a month with this link on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's boating regulations page, it is almost a top 10 referrer to this site, where people can request a VSC.

Other types of web sites that would be appropriate would be local fishing clubs, boating/sailing clubs, web sites for local or state parks with lakes, duck hunting clubs, local Corps of Engineers web sites, etc.

Submitted by: Blake Sasse, FSO-CS from 8WR 15-08

Mark All Handouts With Safe Boating Information

Idea Exchange: As a Marine Visitor, I never place anything out that does not have the information on our safe boating classes. We stamp all Federal Regulations pamphlets and other handouts with a short blurb about our classes with contact phone numbers included.

We also have a tri-fold brochure that looks like a "World War II Uncle Sam Wants You" advertisement that tells all about the classes and even has a map to show the reader how to find us.

We maintain a "full house" of BS&S students as a result of this practice.

Submitted by: Ron Gomer, FSO-VE/MV from Flotilla 72, District 7