VE Ideas Exchange - Reporting Tips en-US Reporting Tips <p>As an active VE, I always prepare my 7012/A in advance for reporting to my FSO-VE. It's a good idea to mark a space to fill-in on your 7012 to document the amount of time you spent on the VSC. Some boats take can over an hour and some only 20 min. After a long day, you may not know how much time total was spent especially if there is a long break in between or if you're working in multiple capacities (VE, Visitor, Aid Verifier, etc). It helps to accurately record the amount of time to report on the 7038. Another area I mark is next to Maritime Domain Awareness is the number of people were present when I give an AWW briefing. This too keeps an accurate log to be reported.</p> <p>Submitted by: Greg Jurek, VE from Flotilla 01-06, District 114</p><div class="item_footer"><p><small><a href="">Original post</a> blogged on <a href="">b2evolution</a>.</small></p></div>