Get Info And Tips Out Before A VE Blitz

Idea Exchange: One of the primary (if not THE primary reasons) for a VE sticker to be denied or delayed is that flares are out of date. We could easily increase the pass rate on VE inspections (and avoid disappointment and discouragement on the part of boat owners) by ALWAYS including a statement on all VE schedule notices to "CHECK THE DATE BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE" and explain to boaters on all announcements, web sites, dealer visit posters...whatever...for boat owners to be SURE to check their flares BEFORE the VE date to avoid non-compliance, delay and disappointment. There is NO reason for a VE to find out-of-date flares if the owner has been reminded to check and replace them BEFORE the VE date. This will make our program much more successful.

Submitted by: Steven Hess, member from Flotilla 4-2 (09Eastern)

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