VE Ideas Exchange - Creative Maintenance Book Idea b2evolution 2018-12-12T14:23:09Z Creative Maintenance Book Idea Paul Mayer 2012-05-11T00:56:43Z 2012-05-11T00:56:51Z Idea Exchange: For the boater who takes the time to have their vessel examined, we have printed a Marine Engine Maintenance Logbook. The inside front cover shows how to make a proper distress call. The inside back cover has a sample "Float Plan" and the back cover has a thank you note and an invitation to visit our flotilla at a meeting or on the Internet with our URL boldly printed in the center.

This logbook is something that every power-boater can use and is a reminder to visit us.

Submitted by: Harold Parker, FSO-VE from Flotilla 81, District.13