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William Kramar, of Fl 73, 5SR, writes, by e-mail, that the VEs in his flotilla are a close-knit group, always striving to do quality work, continuously discussing their experiences/resolving grey areas, etc. and we are well trained/keep abreast of changes (whether informed by the written word or from confronting difficulties/unique situations in the field.)

He has been concerned with examiners from other units that will accept boats that he has not awarded a decal because of bad numbering or some other deficiency, only to see the boat a few weeks later with a CME decal and the same obvious deficiencies.

William joins many of us who wish that all Flotillas had good training programs and worked for perfection, rather than to see how many decals they can award without the proper examination or boater education.

Don Smutz, DC-V

Excellence in our execution is always the goal. Lives depend on it.

Submitted by: Don Smutz, from DC-V