Where is the site for VEs to sign up to get on the list of VEs by zip code?

Question: Where is the site for Vessel Examiners (VE) to sign up to get on the list of VEs by zip code so they can do Vessel Safety Checks (VSC)?

Answer: There is nowhere to sign up, only to opt out. The "I Want a VSC " system uses your address you have listed in AUXDATA and when you become a VE in AUXDATA you are added automatically to the system,

You cannot have two addresses listed. If you are living in an area other than the one you has listed (such a seasonal move) you has several options. You can change your address in AUXDATA to where you are currently living and change it back later. Or you could contact the nearest flotillas and tell them that you are available to do VSCs and to contact you if someone in their flotilla cannot do a VSC. Or you could go to a flotilla and ask to partake in any VSC events, or just do it the old fashion way and find boats to inspect in their area.

It is advisable to contact the nearest flotilla when you are in a different state than his regular flotilla. While you can conduct a VSC anywhere in the country, it is always a nice courtesy to tell the nearest flotillas you are around. They might also provide you with a list of places where you can do many VSC, like a marina

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