VDept Members Questions & Answers - Wearing a TYPE V PFD During VSC http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/mqa.php?tempskin=_atom b2evolution 2018-12-13T13:32:42Z Wearing a TYPE V PFD During VSC Louis Dellis http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/mqa.php/2013/02/28/wearing-a-type-v-pfd-during-vsc 2013-02-28T19:17:51Z 2013-02-28T20:47:03Z Question: The VE Manual indicates that "if the label indicates the PFD is approved only when worn", is it required to be worn when the vessel is on shore during a VSC to be acceptable for meeting VSC requirements.

Answer: If the VSC is conducted on shore, then the Type V does not need to be worn for the award of the VSC decal. However, it must be made clear to the boater that they MUST be worn underway to count, or they are in violation.