VDept Members Questions & Answers - Propane Fuel http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/mqa.php?tempskin=_atom b2evolution 2018-11-13T04:57:12Z Propane Fuel Louis Dellis http://blogs-it.cgaux.org/mqa.php/2013/02/28/propane-fuel 2013-02-28T19:20:35Z 2013-02-28T20:47:53Z Question: At several recent boat shows, vendors have been talking about propane outboard motors. Are these new fuel types within the scope of the Vessel Safety Check?

Answer: There have been no recent changes that would allow the use of propane as a fuel for an outboard engine. Propane brings additional problems as an alternative fuel including being under pressure and also being heavier than air. Special engineering would be required for the storage of the fuel, which would require a drain and storage above the waterline. This is not a something that would be covered in a VSC and should not be awarded a decal.