Deviation Table

Question: Where can i get a deviation table for a facility. It is a requirement in the facility inspection.

Answer: Being able to create a Deviation Table for their vessel, is something that all Coxswains have had in training during their initial coxswain qualification.

Deviation is a function of heading and is the error due to features and equipment mounted on your boat that distorts your magnetic field; for example, you may have a deviation of say 5 degrees when going north but a deviation of say -2 degrees when going east.

Before GPS, the Deviation Tables were created by running the boat between known landmarks or ATONS on the charts and then comparing the map's known compass reading to what your compass is displaying. With GPS it is much easier and faster as you run as an example, North using the GPS and then compare your Compass reading to get the Deviation for the Deviation Table.

Here is a link to the Prevention Department's PDF Deviation Table to use to create a table:

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