Whether called the Millennial Generation, the Millennials, Generation Y, or Generation Next, Americans who were born after 1980 are the first in history to have lived their entire lives with technology. Millennials are more individualistic than earlier generations and demand autonomy in their opinions and behavior. They emphasize personal activities above social and labor considerations. By 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce will be millennials; there are 80 million of them in America alone, which is about four million greater than the baby boomer generation. Millennials have different workplace expectations, grew up differently, and want to redefine “work” as we know it. They want to break the rules and corporate hierarchies, and create a lasting impact, starting from day one on the job. How do we blend them into the Auxiliary? See Working with Millennials.

Source [Linda Merryman, ANACO-PPd]