Auxiliary Websites and web-based applications are supported on modern browsers on both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms, using Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. "Modern" means browsers released in the last three (3) years of the date you are reading this.

However, we currently provide no support for our websites and applications on mobile operating systems, including iOS on the iPad and iPhone. Although most Auxiliary sites will perform as expected on these platforms, some will not. For example, any site constructed with the AuxWeb "JavaScript" platform will not function properly on an iPad; left menu items having submenus cannot be activated. This is due to an apparent problem in Mobile Safari.

If you are faced with such a problem using iPad, iPhone, or other mobile platform, you have a simple recourse: visit the site from your laptop or desktop personal computer, and use the site as intended.  When this situation changes, it will be announced here.