Before you submit photographs for publication in The Navigator, Navigator Express, LIVE, or use in a local publication please review that photograph carefully for the following issues. Make sure that everyone in the photo is wearing proper Coast Guard and USCG Auxiliary uniform according to the Uniform Guidelines. Look carefully at your shot, are all the activities shown in the photo proper (safe) procedures, no one standing right behind an active tow line? or not wearing a life jacket while underway or the life jacket is on but not buckled?

Most importantly, if children are present in the photo do you have a signed model release allowing you and the Auxiliary to use that shot? We cannot and will not knowingly publish a photo that is not representing the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary in a respectful manner.

Please read, know and operate with the following Photograph Policies copied below.

Remember to submit all photos for use in any of our national publications, print and electronic in high resolution with no alterations to color, content or other forms of manipulation.

USCG Auxiliary Photographing Children Policy as of January 2013

Pp>Policy: Photographing Children

  • When the mission of the Auxiliary requires taking or using images of minors (persons under the age of 18 years), parental consent for taking and using the image of the minor must be obtained as follows:
  • or is located on private property at the time the image is taken, or
  • If the minor is located on public property and participating in a Coast Guard or
    Auxiliary sponsored or supported event, or
  • If local or state law requires parental consent.
  • No minor's image will be taken or used in a manner contrary to law.
  • If a minor's image was captured in a group photograph or video recording and parental consent could not be obtained, the photograph or video may be used if the minor's image is unrecognizable.
  • If written consent is required, the form provided for the same by the Auxiliary Chief Counsel will be used. The form is located in the Forms Warehouse on the National web site.

Source [Mary C Gibbons, BC-AWA]