This October issue of the eBEACON is available to view at It has 9 very interesting articles that should hold your attention. From David Friedman's "Did You Know" article on ways we are trying to fund Auxiliary Programs to Executive Director Martin Phillip's update on Association news. Beth Leonard, Director of Technical Services for BoatU.S and Editor of Seaworthy, has an in depth story on the wintering of your vessel. Have you ever wondered where COASTIEs came from? We share the article from the "Tidings" October 2013 issue from District 5NR, Flotilla 69. I could go on, but I think this should whet your appetite. Also, checkout holiday gift items on pages 20 and 21. Enjoy your reading and, as always, please submit article suggestions to the editor as indicated on the bottom of page 6 in this issue.

Source [Martin L. Phillips - Executive Director CGAuxA]