The 2012 edition of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Grants Handbook is now available. The Grants Handbook includes information about several awards and grants available to Auxiliarists and Auxiliary units.

Included is information about the BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grant program, which has been around for years but has been recently changed. There are also grant awards available to recognize outstanding performance.

The application process is not difficult – it just takes a little effort to write up the application. The latest Grants Handbook explains what these grants and awards opportunities are, how to apply for them, and some of the rules associated with them. Most involve cash awards, and all involve recognition, so following the rules is very important.

Take a moment to examine the Grants Handbook and see if an opportunity for you or your Flotilla is there. You can download it from the RBS Outreach Department website at

Source {Bruce Johnson, DIR-B}