The National Public Education Calendar and ZipCode Course Finder now permits PE officers to include links to other websites in their PE Course entries. The links show up in the Online PE Flyer that gets generated when a site visitor selects "PE Flyer" while viewing Auxiliary course listings in the National Public Education Zip Code Course Finder, on on any unit's WOW Website, or legacy unit Websites whose webmasters have incorporated the "PE Webkit".

The two links are for "Website with Additional Information", and "Registration Website". The former is for the case where the unit has developed or has access to another Web page, often on another site, that has specific additional information about the course. The latter is for situations where registration occurs at a specific website -- for example, a state-designated site, or a registration form on a WOW or legacy flotilla website.

On the flyer, these fields will show up in the information block as "Website" and "Registration", but only in the event the unit has actually included URLs to one or both sites. Existing PE database entries are unaffected, but may be updated.

The link information is entered via the Online 7023 Notice of Intent to Teach form available to elected leaders, PE officers, and certified instructors on any WOW site, or directly at

Source [Source: IT Directorate]