To All Auxiliarists and their families, from the very beginning we Americans have pulled together through adversity and then gathered together to give thanks for what we have done and with what we are blessed to have. Nearly 400 years ago our forefathers gathered to celebrate their very survival on the occasion of the first Thanksgiving. Today as we approach the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, we have certainly seen adversity, albeit not of the gravity of the Pilgrims.

During the last year we have seen difficulties flowing from our nation's budget woes. Our members exhibited great resourcefulness and persistence to continue our service to the American recreational boating community in the face of diminishing resources. Recreational boaters look to the Auxiliary for the leadership that makes for a safer, smarter, cleaner, and more secure maritime experience. The Auxiliary has not let them down. For that constancy of purpose and faithful carrying out of the responsibilities of the Auxiliary, I offer my sincere thanks and admiration.

Wanda and I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all Auxiliarists and families. On the occasion of Thanksgiving 2013, let us grasp hands and give thanks for the bounty we enjoy as Americans. We remember the active duty service men and women who serve both here and abroad to defend and improve our way of life. We remember those Auxiliarists who have come before us and pointed the way. We remember our families, friends, and fellow boaters.

As we go through the holiday period, please stand tall with pride for a job well done. Above all as we travel to celebrate this holiday, stay safe and look forward to celebrating our 75th Anniversary together in 2014.

Very, respectfully,
Thomas C. Mallison
National Commodore