Commodore Washburn would like to thank all Auxiliarists who recently applied for 2016 - 2018 ANACO or Director positions. There were a record number of resumes submitted from highly qualified Auxiliarists, making the selection process extremely difficult. All candidates were interviewed and considered for the positions they sought. Once again, thank you for your interest and continued support.

The following are the Assistant National Commodore (ANACO) appointments for a two-year term of office commencing 01 November 2016:

  • ANACO Chief Counsel - Douglas Cream
  • Deputy ANACO Chief Counsel - Bruce Kelton
  • ANACO Diversity - Kenneth Jacobs
  • ANACO Response/Prevention - Karel Kester
  • ANACO Recreational Boating Safety - Robert Shafer
  • ANACO Forcecom - Robert Holm
  • Deputy ANACO Forcecom - Peter Jensen
  • ANACO Planning and Performance - Robert Nelson
  • ANACO Information Technology - Jan Munroe

The following are the Director appointments for a two-year term of office
commencing 01 November 2016:

  • DIR-A (Public Affairs) - Richard Mihalcik
  • DIR-B (Recreational Boating Safety Outreach) - Richard Risk
  • DIR-C (Computer Software and Systems) - Patrick Malone
  • DIR-E (Public Education) - Robert Laurer
  • DIR-H (Human Resources) - COMO Robert Smekta
  • DIR-I (International Affairs) - Grace Hirigoyan
  • DIR-M (Measurements) - Frederick Scholz
  • DIR-P (Prevention) - John McLeod
  • DIR-Q (Incident Response and Preparedness) - John Ellis, III
  • DIR-R (Response) - John Slattery
  • DIR-S (Strategic Planning) - Andrew David Welch
  • DIR-T (Training) - Gregory Kester
  • DIR-U (IT User Support Services) - Sue Davies
  • DIR-V (Vessel Examinations and Partner Visit) - Joseph Reichal

Congratulations to all!