The Training Department has received directions from Coast Guard FORCECOM Training (F-T) to move all Coast Guard Auxiliary courses from the current Coast Guard site by May 7th. In response to this directive, the Training Department, working with the Information Technology Group, will form a working team to effect a smooth transition to an alternative site. During this period of time, we do not anticipate any major interruption of service.

Follow up:

There should not be any serious concern regarding this transition. The transition will be seamless and for all intents and purposes, the member should not be adversely affected. We are asking for your understanding and cooperation as we undertake this task. If you encounter issues as a result of this transition you may direct those concerns to the Training Department’s POC Matthew Hammons at When contacting Matt be specific as to the issue and it should relate to this transition only. Technical issues should be sent to the Information Technology Group via the National Help Desk. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we move forward.

SOURCE: Dr. Robert B. Fong, Sr, DIR-T