Articles in this Issue:

  • Vessel Safety Check Starts With Coast Guard Commander's Personal Boat
  • National V-Directorate "Recreational Boating Safety Alert Notice"
  • SafetySeal.Net Moves to a New Home
  • Questions and Answers – The Q&A Tool on the National V Directorate Website
  • Electric Shock Drowning
  • "Ready, Set, Wear It!" – A New Name, A New Outlook
  • Vessel Examiner's Responsibility to the Boater
  • Paddlecraft: the Newest Wave of Recreational Boating Vessels
  • Paddle Craft Event
  • Valuable Information to Share With Boaters When Inspecting PWCs
  • Recreational Boating Safety Committee in Action: Teamwork Promotes Successful Outcomes
  • and A word from the Editor

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Source [Paul Mayer, DVC-VC]