Recently the Training Department was made aware that the on-line version of the Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC) grading parameter threshold was set below the 90% minimum for an open book, non-proctored quiz. Because of this issue, both the Training and Information Departments have taken appropriate corrective actions to reset the minimum passing grade to 90% effective at Noon, 21SEP2012. This action will not have any adverse effect for those students who have already taken the test. Nor does this action apply to the District Residential version of FLC.

This issue was a byproduct of moving FLC from the Southern New Hampshire University system to the Coast Guard Moodle site, and then moving again to an Auxiliary Moodle Site because the Coast Guard was moving all its on-line training to the new Learning Management System (LMS). The Training Department is also moving in this direction for many of its courses and as a result of these activities the grading limits and other technical issues have arisen and are being handled as we become aware of them.

The Training department appreciates being made aware of any issues that the membership may encounter so that it may ensure the courses are delivered and function in the manner expected. You AER asked to send your subject matter concerns to the Subject Matter Specialist (Branch Chief) of the course in question. Other administrative issues such as this should be sent to T-Department Deputy, Andy Anderson who will ensure the correct staff management are made aware of any issues.

Source: Dr. Robert Fong, Director