User Services and Support Director Dale Crow announced today the immediate availability of the Auxiliary's first video "walkthrough" guide, covering the use of the Online 7029 Webform. The video shows members, in seven minutes, how to open and complete the 7029 form online, and tips for navigating the Webforms site. The video guide is the product of the recently-formed User Guides Division, headed by DVC Karen Rochon.

The 7029 Webform is used by members to report their administrative hours, which are of vital importance to the Auxiliary in obtaining funding. In addition, reporting hours gives each member a visible record of his or her contribution. The webform differs from all other Auxiliary reporting methods in that you may use any web browser, anywhere, anytime, to enter your personal data into a national database. And you can use the system each day, like a diary, or enter your data in bulk, at the end of each month or quarter.

The Video Walkthrough Guide provides a simple, step-by-step tutorial that should encourage all members to not let their important work go unreported. The 7029 Webform Video Walkthrough Guide may be viewed or downloaded from this website at If you are not reporting your hours online, watch this guide and join 10,000+ of your shipmates who said goodbye to paper and PDF files.