District elections are scheduled to be held on multiple weekends through October 15 th. The results will be updated the week after each election is held and posted to the What’s New site.
National Commodore Alex Malewski is pleased to announce the following District election results:

District 1NR
District Commodore: John Hume
District Chief of Staff: Glen Gayton
District Captain SNNE: Bruce Maccormac
District Captain BOS: Harlan Doliner
District Captain: Dennis Bunnell

District 1SR
District Commodore: Michael West
District Chief of Staff: Michael Klacik
District Captain - New York North: Michael Raffel
District Captain New York South: Dean Ferraro
District Captain Long Island North: Charles McCarthy
District Captain Long Island South: Americo Aimetti

District Commodore: Kurt Sarac
District Chief of Staff: Noreen Schifini
District Captain East: Thomas Don
District Captain Central: Timothy Precht
District Captain West: Michael McElwee

District Commodore: John C. Krogmann, Jr.
District Chief of Staff: James E. Thomas II
District Captain Sector Maryland-NCR: Nicholas M. Lomangino
District Captain Sector Virginia: David H. Gamble
District Captain Sector North Carolina: Joseph L. Nemeth

District Commodore: John Holmes
District Chief of Staff: Martin Goodwin
District Captain North: James Parker
District Captain West: Daniel Helou
District Captain East: Douglas Armstrong

District Commodore: Chris Whitacre
District Chief of Staff: Ron Bonaeu
District Captain: Danny “Mike” Miller
District Captain: Doug Field
District Captain: John Franko

District Commodore: Alexander (Pete) Scamardo
District Chief of Staff: George W Tate
District CAPT. West: Berhilo H Galvan
District CAPT. Central: Donna E Day
District CAPT. East: John (Bill) W Lauber

District Commodore: Brock Stephens
District Chief of Staff: Bob Arisman
District Captain West: Steve Riddell
District Captain North: Dr. Ed O'Reilly
District Captain South: Travis Cott
District Captain East: Diane Arisman

District Commodore: Rich Evans
District Chief of Staff: Steven Botsford
District Captain: Robert Brody -Prevention
District Captain: Carmon Laurer - Logistics
District Captain: Paul Markovic - Response

District Commodore: Curtis Han
District Chief of Staff: James Losi
District Captain: Chuck Cobery
District Captain: COMO Dale Fajardo
District Captain: Randy McCormick.

District Commodore: Michael Bozarth
District Chief of Staff: Rodney Donohoo
District Captain -LA-N: Rudy Cortez
District Captain - LA-S: Paul Saba
District Captain – SD/I: Robert Yslas

District Commodore: Mike Kierig
District Chief of Staff: Jodie Nelson
District Captain: RBS Lyle Amine
District Captain: Exe Matilda Rivera

District Commodore: Marion Parrish
District Chief of Staff: David Larkin
District Captain: Anthony Karvelas

Congratulations to all!