National Commodore Larry King is pleased to announce the District election results to include October 3rd:


District Commodore, Byron Moe
District Chief of Staff, David McClure
District Captain Sector Northern New England, Henry Marchi
District Captain Sector Boston, Glen Gayton
District Captain Sector Southern New England, Patrick Cunniff


District Commodore, Mark Stone
District Chief of Staff, Michael West
District Captain Sector Long Island Sound North, David Thiede
District Captain Sector Long Island Sound South, Haig Dick
District Captain New York North, Peter Byrne
District Captain New York South, Manfred Fuchs


District Commodore, Joseph Giannattasio
District Chief of Staff, Kurt Sarac
District Captain East, James Hans
District Captain Central, Cynthia Chaimowitz
District Captain West, John Willwerth

District Commodore, Allen Fredd
District Chief of Staff, John Krogmann
District Captain Sector North Carolina, Alton W. Early
District Captain Sector Virginia, James Thomas
District Captain Sector Maryland- Woodrow Johnson

D 7
District Commodore, Patricia McMenamin
District Chief of Staff, John Holmes
District Captain East, Robert Sherman
District Captain North, Martin Goodwin
District Captain West, Toni Borman

District Commodore, Matt Meyer
District Chief of Staff, Chris Whitacre
District Captain East, Anthony Waters
District Captain South, Ron Boneau
District Captain West, Skip Nunweiler

District Commodore, Patrick Feighery
District Chief of Staff, Mike Coyne
District Captain East, Larry Jensen
District Captain Central, Alexander (Pete) Scarmardo, Jr.
District Captain West, Geoffrey Souris

District Commodore, Jeff Geddes
District Chief of Staff, Brock Stephens
District Captain North, Steve Gress
District Captain South, Julie Carey
District Captain East, Alex Wilson
District Captain West, Dennis Pearson

District Commodore, Clark Godshall
District Chief of Staff, Richard Evans
District Captain, Steven Botsford
District Captain, Mark Thomas
District Captain, Brian Wells

District Commodore, Catherine Slabaugh
District Chief of Staff, Patricia Mitrowski
District Captain North, Raymone Kral
District Captain Central, Kenneth Mangus
District Captain South, Matthew Puchala

District Commodore, Dean McFarren
District Chief of Staff, Curtis Han
District Captain, Bruce Martin
District Captain, Alan Stanton
District Captain, Virginia Lucchetti

District Commodore: Charlie Geiger
District Chief of Staff: Rick Ebel
District Captain: San Diego/Inland: Rod Donohoo
District Captain LA/LB North: Michael Fiamingo
District Captain LA/LB South: Michael Bozarth


District Commodore, Tiney Singler
District Chief of Staff, Dan Kienle
District Captain North, Efrem Krisher
District Captain South, John Costic
District Captain East, Craig Hartman

District Commodore: Denise Ankrum
District Chief of Staff: Michael Kierig
District Captain: Laurie Herrell
District Captain: Leonard Cantor
District Captain: TBD Oct. 10 election


District Commodore, Johnny Janik
District Chief of Staff, Marion Parrish
District Captain, Stu Robards

Congratulations to all!