National Commodore Richard Washburn is pleased to announce election results for the following Districts:


  • DCAPT SNNE.  Byron Moe (re-elect)
  • DCAPT SBOS. Steve McCann (newly elected)
  • DCAPT SSENE. Paul Fontaine (re-elected)


  • DCAPT Sect Long Island South  Artie Albertsen (re-elected)
  • DCAPT Sect Long Island North Paul Provonost  (newly elected)
  • DCAPT Sect NY North  Michele Rollino (re-elected)
  • DCAPT Sect NY South (re-elected)


  • DCAPT Central: Frances L. Weichsel (re-elected)
  • DCAPT West: Steven A. Smith (newly elected)
  • DCAPT East: Ralph E. Quinn (re-elected)


  • DCAPT East. Paul R Otey (re-elect)
  • DCAPT North. Joseph C Treece (newly elected)
  • DCAPT South. Richard C Williams (newly elected)
Congratulations to all!
Thank you!
Source: [Terry Barth, N-EA]