Due to a number of questions arising about this issue, we felt it necessary to distribute this notice to all qualified USCG Auxiliary Vessel Examiners. The Auxiliary National Supply Center has received numerous requests for the "Combination VSC/If-Found Paddlecraft Decal" (sample below left) that has been seen being used in District 13 and District 1.

Follow up:

This Combination Decal was created as part of a Pilot Program that was scheduled to be conducted in 2012, but was cancelled. Due to the fact that the small numbers of these decals made had already been distributed, they were authorized to be used in District 13 and District 1 until supplies are exhausted. Once these decals are gone they will not be remade.

We ask that you please refrain from contacting ANSC with any further requests for these decals. The standard VSC decal (below right) is to be used during all inspections that are recorded on the ANSC-7012 and ANSC-7012a forms. These forms and the standard VSC Decals can be ordered through the proper chain from ANSC as in years past.

Download PDF file to print and pass out at meetings and post on your bulletin boards. Click Here.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Source: [Kelly Townsend, DIR-V]