The member-training website known as the “U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Virtual Classroom” has moved to a new location, and is now called the “Coast Guard Auxiliary – Online Classroom”. The new link (URL) to the Online Classroom is Members, member training officers, and unit webmasters should change all bookmarks, links, or other references to the old Virtual Classroom to the new site and address.

All courses previously available in the Virtual Classroom should immediately be available at the new Online Classroom. Old user accounts and course completion history have been retired, as the new site uses automatically provides members with new and permanent accounts based upon the same Member Zone Credentials used for AuxDirectory, NTC, Webforms, etc.

All Auxiliary members are encouraged to use the new Online Classroom. Support is available via the National Help Desk at

Members should note that the on-hold “Auxiliary Mandated Training Program” courses as most recently referenced in ALAUX 011/11 (“Suicide Prevention”, “Privacy Awareness”, et. al.)  will not be available on this new platform.

[Source: Bruce Miller, CIO]