Our obligation to the Coast Guard and to the membership requires that the Auxiliary’s IT systems maintain up-to-date security patches and current versions of the software on which our services run. Recently we have had some service interruptions, broken links, or missing resources on CGAux.org and other Auxiliary IT systems. These recent interruptions are a result of implementing a number of these security updates.

For most of the services, the interruptions were on the order of minutes or hours. In a few cases we have issues which persist. A few items to note:

  • The Forms Warehouse (http://forms.cgaux.org/) had suffered an outage that prevented members from accessing the forms. A temporary page has now been put up to allow access to the PDF forms, e-Forms and WebForms.
  • e-Forms (submission of PDF forms via e-mail) had suffered an extended outage, but the e-Form e-mail functionality has now been restored.

We recognize that the membership relies on these IT services to conduct our missions and conduct the business of the Auxiliary. Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure these IT services are available and most importantly, secure.