Demand for the Coast Guard publication, A Boater’s Guide to the Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats, has been very heavy this spring and the supply in the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC) has been exhausted. This publication, ANSC#3006, contains information about federal boating laws, equipment requirements, and safety recommendations for recreational vessels. Loaded with charts, graphics, and diagrams, this brochure covers navigational rules, cold water survival, life jacket requirements and America’s Waterway Watch information. It is particularly useful in support of public education, vessel examinations, program visitation, and public affairs missions.

A new supply is anticipated at ANSC in mid-July. In the meantime you are urged to check within your flotilla or division to see if there are supplies of this publication that can be re-distributed.

Available online at the Coast Guard Boating Safety Division website at

Source [Bruce Johnson, DIR-B]