2021 District elections are scheduled to be held between August 8 and October 17th. The results will be updated and posted to the What’s New site the week after each election
National Commodore Alex Malewski is pleased to announce the following District election results for 2021 :

District 1SR
DCAPT - Sector New York North - Eugene T. Yetter Jr.
DCAPT - Sector New York South - Dean R. Ferraro
DCAPT - Sector Long Island South - Americo F. Aimetti
DCAPT - Sector Long Island North - David W. Thiede

District 1NR
DCAPT – SNNE Henry Marchi (re-elect)
DCAPT – SBOS Harlan Doliner
DCAPT – SSENE Patrick Cuniff (re-elect)

District 5SR
DCAPT- Sector North Carolina: A. Wayne Earley (re-elect)
DCAPT- Sector Virginia: James E. Thomas (re-elect)
DCAPT- Sector Maryland-NCR: Nicholas M. Lomangino

District 5NR
DCAPT-Central: Cynthia "Cindi" Chaimowitz (re-elect)
DCAPT- East: Thomas J. Don
DCAPT-West: J. "Doug" Willwerth (re-elect)

District 7
DCAPT- East Christopher Haarer (re-elect)
DCAPT- West Antionette (Toni) Borman (re-elect)
DCAPT- North Martin Goodwin (re-elect)

District 8CR
DCAPT – East Henry Rice
DCAPT – Central Pete Scamardo (re-elect)
DCAPT – West Jeoff Souris (re-elect)

District 8WR
DCAPT- West Steve Riddell
DCAPT- South July Carey (re-elect)
DCAPT- East Bob Arisman (re-elect)

District 9CR
DCAPT-Central Kenneth Magnus
DCAPT-South Jack Broadhurst
DCAPT-North Dr. Ramone Kral

DCAPT Logistics Brian Wells (re-elect)
DCAPT Prevention Steven Botsford (re-elect)
DCAPT Response Bob Brody

DCAPT East Robert Kumpf (re-elect)
DCAPT South Timothy Darrey (re-elect)
DCAPT West Peter Gapinski (re-elect)

DCAPT San Diego/Inland: Rod Donohoo
DCAPT LA/LB North: Michael Fiamingo
DCAPT LA/LB South: Michael Bozarth

DCAPT-S Kevin Thiel
DCAPT-E Craig Hartman (re-elect)
DCAPT-N Debra Alderman

DCAPT-RBS Lennie Cantor (re-elect)

Congratulations to all!