National Commodore Larry King is pleased to announce election results to the 2020 – 2022 National Board. Their term of office begins November 1, 2020.

NACO(e)– National Commodore – Alex Malewski

VNACO(e) – Vice National Commodore – Gus Formato


DNACO(e)– Deputy National Commodore – Atlantic Area East and RBS - Gary Barth

DNACO(e) – Deputy National Commodore – Atlantic Area West and Mission Support – Tom Mullally

DNACO(e)– Deputy National Commodore - Pacific Area and Operations – Mary Kirkwood


Congratulations to all!


08/31/2020 - Updated.

NACO(e) Commodore Alex Malewski is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Commodore Linda Merryman as the DNACO -ITP (Information Technology and Planning).

Congratulations COMO Merryman!