Graphics Notice

As a CS officer you are expected to upload the highest level of modern website design and appearance. To a accomplish this many of your sites will use graphics or USCG/AUX emblem or logos.

Follow up:

However as you do so, keep in mind that there are laws, policies, and regulations regarding the use of such items. The IT Group would like to remind all CS officers to take a moment, review the Auxiliary Manual, Coast Guard Hierarchy Manual & talk with your local Public Affairs staff about the use of graphics.


Auxiliary Websites shall never for any reason display the USCG or USCG-AUX official seal.

Auxiliary Websites shall not ever use the banner of the Chief Directors Office or any seals of emblems of the Chief Director or CHIDIRAUX.

Auxiliary Websites shall, at all times follow, and meeting the standards outlined in the Auxiliary Website Requirements Manual & Supplement.

If you have questions, please direct them up via Parallel Staffing or Chain of Leadership & Management depending on the correct environment.

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