WOW II Documentation Update, New "One Hour WOW II Conversion" Application Note

The WOW II User's Guide and Quick Start Guide have substantially updates, with copies posted both on the IT Group website at, but also in the Documentation section of the WOW II Dashboard (authorized users only). In particular, the User's Guide has an improved section on working with images that explains how to flow text down the side of an inserted image.

The big news, however is the publication of the 1-Hour Conversion: Conventional Website to WOW Application Note. This 5-page guide demonstrates a systematic method that can have you converting your existing HTML site to a new WOW II site with the same content, in about one hour (95% of the conventional unit websites can be done in this window).

Support of Mobile Devices Including iPad and iPhone at Auxiliary Websites

Auxiliary Websites and web-based applications are supported on modern browsers on both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms, using Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. "Modern" means browsers released in the last three (3) years of the date you are reading this.

However, we currently provide no support for our websites and applications on mobile operating systems, including iOS on the iPad and iPhone. Although most Auxiliary sites will perform as expected on these platforms, some will not. For example, any site constructed with the AuxWeb "JavaScript" platform will not function properly on an iPad; left menu items having submenus cannot be activated. This is due to an apparent problem in Mobile Safari.

If you are faced with such a problem using iPad, iPhone, or other mobile platform, you have a simple recourse: visit the site from your laptop or desktop personal computer, and use the site as intended. When this situation changes, an announcement will be posted here and on National What's New.

Graphics Notice

As a CS officer you are expected to upload the highest level of modern website design and appearance. To a accomplish this many of your sites will use graphics or USCG/AUX emblem or logos.

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U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual (COMDTINST

WASHINGTON - The new U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual (COMDTINST M5200.14A) was signed into effect at Coast Guard Headquarters on 12APR11. This document now contains specific guidelines (Chapter 7) on authorized and proper use of Coast Guard Auxiliary heraldry including our Seal, Emblem, and Marks. All Auxiliary CS staff must follow this manual on website items as listed above. read more >>

What's New System

As part of our mission to insure all staff are cognizant of memorandums pertainingto technologies you use, we are distributing the attached memorandum a secondtime regarding the new “What’s New” structure. We request that you read overthe attached document.

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MARSEC & NTAS Badge Memorandum

The IT Group has released a technical memorandum regarding the MARSEC & NTAS badge implementation. All websites both template and non-template shall follow this update. WOW sites will update automatically, as such no action is required on the part of the CS officer for WOW sites. CS officers can read this memorandum by clicking here.

Dynamic Template Users Guide

The IT Group has released the official User Guide for the Dynamic Web Template. This Users Guide provides step by step information on how to install the DWT, design concepts, basic website layouts, and much more! Visit the "How To" webpage to download your copy today!

Classic Template Mandatory Update

The IT Group has released a mandatory update to all Classic Templates. All CS officer should have received an e-mail regarding this update. If you did not receive the update, please contact your SO-CS or DSO-CS via Parallel staffing.

Version 8 of the XML Classic Template

The IT Group is pleased to announce the release of version 8 of the XML classic template. This new template is an all new design from the ground up. We have add new items such as: DWT support, drastically reduced Java Script, simple easy to use XML files, and removed out of date code parts that made the previous version "clunky" and complex to use. Be sure to download the new version today, and upgrade your site!

2011 DWT Template User Guide

The IT Group has released a new User Guide for the DWT Template. This is the first every User Guide for a DWT template! Inside you will find step-by-step directions on how to instill, setup, and build a basic site. Inside you will also find useful tips on how to build a site, and getting your site content to a clean and professional look.