Email 7038 script revised

The script that evaluates email addresses has been changed to allow more email address formats to be accepted. Also, both a file with no -s (a7038.pdf) and one with the s (a7038s.pdf) have been posted - they are identical. At some point in the future, tentatively one year from now, all references to email form file names will only include the 's' so that users can distinguish these from the forms posted on the non-email page.

ANSC-7006 Change of Officer Report (01-12)

The Change of Officer Report, ANSC-7006 has been revised to include the Office Subcodes and Reports To codes. The previous edition is obsolete and may not be used.


Fillable PDF versions of the new (November 2011) Flotilla, Division, and District Standing Rules Templates are now permanently available in the National Forms Warehouse under “PDF Forms, Other”