Year End Change of Watch - New IS Officers

Most of your units have had annual elections, and are beginning to enter your new officers in AuxData. Some of these new officer may be the FSO-IS and SO-IS.  1-3 weeks after entry into AuxData, the new officers will show up in AuxOfficer, and therefore, at the bottom of your 7029 Webform as the officer(s) to whom your submitted 7029 is sent.

It is possible because of the timing that your 7029 will go to an incoming IS officer who is not yet ready to do his/her new job.  In this case, you have no recourse but to alert your elected leaders, and have them make arrangements between the outgoing and incoming IS officers whereby the incoming IS officer simply forwards your submitted 7029 form (an email) to the outgoing officer, until that day when the incoming IS officer is ready to take up his or her new duties.