New Features in Version 0.4

Help Menus have been greatly expanded. Be sure to click open and read Questions & Answers..., Usage FAQs, Tips & Tricks, and Bugs & Known Issues. All of this information was updated March 15, 2011.

Unsaved Changes Warning: If you make any changes to your form, and attempt to navigate away before saving or submitting your changes, you will be warned, and given the opportunity to reconsider.

Calendar Year
: The calendar year now shows in the upper right corner of the form. If you need to create a form with a prior (or future) year, use the date left-right arrows and click backwards or forwards through December; the year will roll over.

IS Officer Routing on the Webform: The system now chooses the "best two out of three" IS officers in your chain of leadership to list as recipients on the bottom of your Webform 7029 report. If your flotilla, division, and district each have an FSO-IS, SO-IS, and DSO-IS respectively, then the lowest two will be listed on the report (i.e., SO-IS and FSO-IS).

If, by contrast, you have no SO-IS, only an FSO and a DSO, then the system places the DSO-IS on the report as well; your local policy will determine to whom you actually must route the Webform (via the checkboxes). Or, if your flotilla is missing an FSO-IS, the Webform will include the SO and DSO for your routing choices.

Finally, if you are in one of the few divisions in the country that have two SO-IS officers sharing the work, neither SO will be will be listed on the Webform report; just the FSO and DSO. In this event (and under normal circumstances anyways), your FSO-IS knows which SO-IS to route the approved Webform to, and therefore nothing is lost.

Beta Designation Dropped: Although the Webforms system is continually being refined, the designations "Beta" for the various releases has been changed to "Version", as in "Version - 0.4". Version 0.3 is simply Beta 0.3 renamed. Version 0.4, this one, is new software. The first "production release" (1.0), to be supported by the IT User Department as opposed to IT Engineering, is scheduled for May. These conventions should not affect your daily use of the system, or confidence in it. Just remember that you should always shift to the newer release, and only fall back (after submitting Feedback) to an older one if you find a catastrophic bug.

My Webforms Shortcut Considerably Improved: The "one-click" access to your form using My Webforms has been substantially improved, particularly for two-Auxiliarist households. Please read the My Webforms Guide to the left for further details.

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