N-Train 2017 Update

The N-Train 2017 website...


...has been updated with a revised schedule of events.

Please go to the site to view the latest information. If you have not yet made your hotel reservations you can do that through a direct link on the website.

Time is short so visit today for all the current information.

SOURCE: Martin L. Phillips, Executive Director (CGAuxA)

N-TRAIN 2017

The N-TRAIN 2017 website is now available at:


The website includes the schedule of events, hotel information including a direct link to make reservations, local transportation and general information.

You should make your hotel reservations accordingly. Please visit the site. Updates will posted to the website as they occur.

SOURCE: Martin L. Phillips, Executive Director (CGAuxA)

Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) Now Available!

The Coast Guard is committed to supporting the Coast Guard Auxiliary by providing training materials, courses, and tools to impart the skills and knowledge needed to achieve mission excellence. As part of this commitment, the Coast Guard has launched an enterprise-wide Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) to automate the delivery and, in turn, improve the efficiency of training processes for Auxiliarists.

For more information, please visit the Training Directorate AUXLMS webpage or at this link: http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=T-DEPT&category=auxlms.

Source [Fajardo, Dale DIR-T]

FY13 C-School Schedule Now Available!

Access the latest schedule here, and for more information, please visit the Training Directorate C-School webpage .

Source [Dale Fajardo, DIR-T]

Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC) Online Grading Standards Corrected

Recently the Training Department was made aware that the on-line version of the Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC) grading parameter threshold was set below the 90% minimum for an open book, non-proctored quiz. Because of this issue, both the Training and Information Departments have taken appropriate corrective actions to reset the minimum passing grade to 90% effective at noon, September 21, 2012. This action will not have any adverse effect for those students who have already taken the test. Nor does this action apply to the District Residential version of FLC.

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Recreational Boating Fatalities at Highest Level Since 1998

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 16, 2012 -Total boating fatalities last year rose to 758, the highest number on record since 1998, according to the U.S. Coast Guard's official 2011 Recreational Boating Statistics released today.

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First Video "Walkthrough" Guides Teaches the Online 7029 Webform in Seven Minutes

User Services and Support Director Dale Crow announced today the immediate availability of the Auxiliary's first video "walkthrough" guide, covering the use of the Online 7029 Webform.� The video shows members, in seven minutes, how to open and complete the 7029 form online, and tips for navigating the Webforms site. The video guide is the product of the recently-formed User Guides Division, headed by DVC Karen Rochon.

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Certain Auxiliary Training Courses Changing Platforms

The Training Department has received directions from Coast Guard FORCECOM Training (F-T) to move all Coast Guard Auxiliary courses from the current Coast Guard site by May 7th. In response to this directive, the Training Department, working with the Information Technology Group, will form a working team to effect a smooth transition to an alternative site. During this period of time, we do not anticipate any major interruption of service.

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