N-TRAIN 2018 Schedule Update

An updated schedule of events for N-Train 2018 in St. Louis is now available on the website at https://www.cgauxa.org/auxa/n-train-2018/ for your viewing.

SOURCE: [Martin Phillips, Executive Director]

District Election Results for District 9WR

National Commodore Richard Washburn is pleased to announce election results for District 9WR:

DCAPT East, Norm Pearce
DCAPT South, Dave Martin
DCAPT West, Harvey Randall

Congratulations to all!
Source: [Terry Barth, N-EA]

New Human Resources Directorate Leadership

New Human Resources Directorate leadership

Director: Todd Monis
Deputy Director Human Resources: David McArtin
Deputy Director Coast Guard Support: Jim McClelland

Source: Fred Gates, DNACO Pacific Area and Mission Support

District 7 Election Results


  • DCAPT-N, Patricia McMenamin
  • DCAPT-W, Frank Wondolkowski
  • DCAPT-E, William Bartley  (newly elected)

Congratulations to all!

Source: [Terry Barth, N-EA]

National Auxiliary Convention (NACON)

The National Auxiliary Convention (NACON) is rapidly approaching. Register and make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. Don't delay as the registration deadline is July 31, 2016. Commencing on August 1st a late registration fee will be charged.

Visit the website at www.cgauxa.org/auxa/nacon-2016 for the latest information and to register for the event as well as make your hotel reservations.

View the updated workshop schedule recently posted on the site. This year's theme is Patriotic. Come enjoy the fun, learning opportunities and friendships! We look forward to you joining us in Phoenix.

[Source: Martin L. Phillips]

ANACO and DIR Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent for ANACO and Director Positions

Pursuant to Article 1 subsection 1.3 (b) (1) of the National Standing Rules, prior to 01 June in the year that a national election is conducted the National Commodore will give notice through the Chain of Leadership and Management, posted on the Auxiliary website, and in an issue of the electronic national publication, seeking the resume and relevant information from all persons desiring appointment or reappointment as ANACO or National Director for the following two years.

Please submit your resume and relevant information to VNACO Richard Washburn no later than 01 August 2016 if you wish to continue with your current assignment or if you wish to apply for a position as ANACO or Director. No applications for other positions on the national staff shall be forwarded to VNACO Washburn at this time.

Source [Terry Barth, N-EA]

Auxiliary Photograph In Running for USCG Photo of the Year

Auxiliarist David Lau's photograph recreating the USCG Postage Stamp is in the final running for the USCG Photo of the Year.  Please visit http://www.facebook.com/UScoastguard/photos/a.10154107925607679.1073741940.25633842678/10154107926112679/?type=3&theater and click on "like" by  Mr. Lau's photo to support him!



New The Wellness Scale Newsletter

The Human Resources Directorate is now sharing the Coast Guard's Health, Safety. Work-life Directorates newsletter: The Wellness Scale.  The November issue can be found here.

National Strategic Plan Update

National Commodore Mark Simoni, the National Bridge and senior staff, would like to share their priorities with you in their updated post of the National Strategic Plan. You may view the updated at 2014-2020 Auxiliary Strategic Plan.

Review the updated Strategic Plan and its initiatives to see how we support Coast Guard missions.

Source [David Elliot, N-AC]


Information on the National Auxiliary Convention (NACON) in San Antonio is available at http://www.cgauxa.org/nacon-2015.php. The workshop information was recently updated to include additional training sessions. Additionally, links for making your hotel reservations (deadline August 1, 2015) and for you to register for the event are provided on that website. Please review the available information at http://www.cgauxa.org/nacon-2015.php. Take advantage of the training sessions, participate in the scheduled activities and explore San Antonio, its wonderful attractions and the Riverwalk!

[Source: Martin L. Phillips]

USBI Appointment

Kelly L. Townsend, DIR-B has recently been appointed as one of the Coast Guard Auxiliary's three representatives to the Governing Board of the United Safe Boating Institute (USBI). He is joining the current USBI President, Capt. William S. Griswold, USCG Ret. and COMO Warren E. McAdams, Past ANACO-RBS. Mr. Townsend replaces Past ANACO Charles (Tony) Morris, who is stepping down after a two year term on the board.

Congratulations Kelly!

Source [Terry Barth, N-EA]


The current issue of the eBEACON newsletter is available
for viewing. Click here to view this issue.

Source [Martin Phillips - Executive Director CGauxA]

NACO Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Day is the time to reflect on the things for which we are grateful; it's an opportunity to count our blessings. For most of us, that list might start out with family and friends. We can add things like health, our faith, and the blessing of living in the greatest country on earth, a true land of opportunity.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for the thousands of brave American men and women who stand the watch around the world and here at home so that we may enjoy the day with family and friends. Please also remember those less fortunate, and those that have been affected by recent severe weather events.

Cheryl and I wish our Auxiliary family a day of peace and contentment, and most of all, a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mark Simoni
National Commodore
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary


AUXLMS Password Changes

The U.S. Coast Guard and the USCG Auxiliary takes data security very seriously. In order to maintain our high level of data integrity, the Auxiliary's Learning Management System (AUXLMS) will be instituting a global password reset Thursday, 4 September, during our scheduled maintenance window of 2000-2300 EDT.

Upon the AUXLMS user's next log-in users will be prompted to change their password. The new password will need to be at least 14 characters.

As with the initial password, the new password will be entered using the "I forgot my password" link on the AUXLMS log-in page.

The AUXLMS is the hosting site for the Auxiliary's online Mandated Training courses, VE Workshop and ICS-210 course, among other offerings. This requirement will affect any Auxiliarist who wishes to take these courses online.

As always, the Auxiliary's National Help Desk is prepared to assist any members experiencing issues with their password changes.

Source [Jan Munroe, Dir-U]

Password Resets for AUXDATA

Due to a recent U.S. Coast Guard security directive, all users of the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA, and the AUXDATA Order Management system, AOM, have been tasked to perform a password reset when entering either system after 1400 on Wednesday, 3 SEP 2014.

This is in addition to any recent password resets the user may have performed. This password reset affects the Training environments for these applications, as well.

Passwords for the AUXLMS (which hosts the online Mandated Training) will be similarly affected in the near future.

Technical issues not resolved via the Information Services (IS) staff officers should be addressed to the Auxiliary's National Help Desk.

Comments and concerns are communicated via the chain of leadership and management, beginning with your Flotilla Commander.

Source [Jan Munroe, Dir-U]

Keeping You Posted HRD Newsletter - Issue 2

Please click here for Issue 2, Volume 1 of the Human Resources Directorate Newsletter - Keeping You Posted.

Auxiliary Policy Statement

Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant of the Coast Guard signed the Auxiliary Policy Statement on June 23, 2014. The signing was done on the 75th Anniversary of the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Click here to review the Auxiliary Policy Statement.

Source [Anne Lockwood, N-EA]

USCG Auxiliary Manual (AuxMan) Update

COMDINST M1670.1G (USCG Auxiliary Manual) has been enhanced with approved change annotations through June 6, 2014 and is now available at http://www.uscg.mil/auxiliary/publications/auxman.pdf. This USCG Auxiliary Manual is also known as AuxMan. All references to older versions should be changed to point to the updated manual.

Source [Bruce L Miller, DNACO-ITP]

Prospective Members Brochure

The HRD has published a new Prospective Members Brochure for distribution. The two sided brochure can be located and downloaded at the HRD New Member Packet page and choosing Prospective Member Brochure.

National Awards Deadline

The deadline for submitting your applications for National Awards (administered by NAC) is May 31, 2014. Award applications and instructions for submission are found on the National Association of Commodores web page.

Source [P-NAC, Edward Livingston]

Online District Material Store

The host for the Online Districts Material Store website recently transitioned to a new look site. We are experiencing issues with the new site. The host is working the issues and hopefully will have a fix shortly. When you use the site, complete your order and process the payment, you may receive a message indicating the transaction failed but there is no CODE provided. However, most likely the order did go through so PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SEND IT A SECOND TIME. We are verifying what is received and cross-checking it with the payment portal to ensure payment was made that corresponds with the order received. Once we positively identify the match then we will complete the order processing. If we have any questions regarding your order we will contact you directly. Please keep a copy or list of the items you ordered should we need to confirm that information with you. Please bear with us as we work through this transition.

Source [Martin Phillips - Executive Director CGauxA]

2014 VSC Decal Distribution

The New VSC Decal Distribution release letter and SOP have been posted in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the V-Dept website.

Source [William J. Howard, DVC-VC]

NACO Thanksgiving Message

To All Auxiliarists and their families, from the very beginning we Americans have pulled together through adversity and then gathered together to give thanks for what we have done and with what we are blessed to have. Nearly 400 years ago our forefathers gathered to celebrate their very survival on the occasion of the first Thanksgiving. Today as we approach the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, we have certainly seen adversity, albeit not of the gravity of the Pilgrims.

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NACO Message - Business as Normal

With the recent Congressional action, a continuing resolution is in place, so the Auxiliary is now able to resume all normal Auxiliary activities.

According to the news, the government is funded for the next 90 days through 15 January, and the debt ceiling is in place through 7 February. Our planning should take into account that the first quarter may be disrupted with more adverse funding situations. In the meantime, we consider ourselves to be at Ops Normal. However, sequestration travel restrictions remain in effect.

Very respectfully,
Thomas C. Mallison
National Commodore

Source [Anna Lockwood, N-EA]

NACO Guidance #6 - Elections during Government Shutdown

Please review the NACO Guidance #6 by clicking here.

Source [Anne Lockwood, N-EA]

NACO Guidance #5 – Government Shutdown Guidance

Please review the NACO Guidance #5 regarding Government Shutdown Guidance by clicking here.

Source [Anne Lockwood, N-EA]

Browser Compatibility Issues with AuxINFO, AuxLMS, the Help Desk, and Auxiliary Forms

Recent updates to the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers for Windows PCs have resulted in compatibility issues with some Auxiliary web based services (some functions no longer work, displays format differently, pages hang, etc). In addition, recent versions of Firefox can no longer fill in Auxiliary forms. User action is often required to resolve these problems.

Click on the following links for recommended actions to take for the most commonly found problems:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and AUXINFO, AuxLMS or the Help Desk- see the AuxINFO/AUXLMS Browser Problem Knowledgebase article.
  • Auxiliary forms issues with Firefox 19 and above - see the Forms Knowledgebase article.

Source [Kevin Redden, Dir-Ud]]

New Initial & Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshop Resource Materials

The new Initial and Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshop resource materials, announced in ALAUX -10/13 on 08 AUG, are now available.

Take a look at the Response Directorate Education Division page [http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=R-DEPT&category=education-division] for the latest on the new TCT program.

This is a 4 hour program which replaces the current 8 hour class for both Initial and 5-Year currency requirements in our operations programs. Note the document links for the TCT Slides, the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Guide, as well as a link to the ALAUX from the CHDIRAUX announcing the program and the process for getting facilitators certified to instruct in the new program.

Source [Bruce Pugh, DVC-RE]

National Awards Deadline

The deadline for submitting your applications for National Awards (administered by NAC) is May 31, 2013. Award applications and instructions for submission are found on the NAC (National Association of Commodores) web page.

Source [IPP, Richard Ives]

National Staff Appointment Announcements

National Commodore Thomas C. Mallison is pleased to announce the following appointments for National Staff. These appointments were made in accordance with the process described in the AUXMAN, and concurrence of the Chief Director has been received:

Kelly L. Townsend has been appointed as Director of RBS Outreach (B) Michael S. Klacik has been appointed as Director of Vessel Examination Perry R. Taylor has been appointed as Deputy Director of Vessel Examination

Source[N-EA Anne Lockwood]

V Directorate's End-of-Year 2012 VE and PV Reports

Linked below are V Directorate's End-of-Year 2012 VE and PV Reports (based on AuxInfo) of VE's & PV's. Please pass this information on to all VE's and PV's.

2012 VE National Summary Report

2012 PV National Summary Report

Source [Paul Mayer, DVC-VC]

Postage Increase

Effective January 27, 2013 the U. S. Postal rates have increased. Letters not exceeding weight of one ounce will now require $.46 cents of postage. Forever stamps need no additional postage; however, for Government postage requires 2 - $.23 stamps or the equivalent of $.46. Postcards price is now $.33. Please use your existing stock before ordering additional postage from Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC).

Source [N-EA, Anne Lockwood]

NACO Holiday Message

All Auxiliarists

As we gather to celebrate the holidays, Wanda and I would like to offer our wishes for a happy and peaceful season and the best of all good things in the coming New Year.

The glue that binds the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary into the world's foremost volunteer maritime organization is the fellowship we share as we observe the diverse celebrations of the several holidays held at this time of year. We share a universal sentiment of goodwill to our fellow man. We demonstrate our care and compassion through our faithful service to the recreational boating community, our support of the U.S. Coast Guard, and in our sympathy for all who sorrow and suffer.

During the holidays, we will gather with family, friends, shut-ins, Coastguardsmen or others with whom we especially want to celebrate. Some will thank you for your presents or for your presence. Some will thank you for your service. Wanda and I are among those who sincerely thank you for all you do for the USCG Auxiliary. Giving of one's self is the greatest gift of all. It is truly a pleasure to serve by your side.

Many of us will be traveling to be with those we care about during the holiday season. Wanda and I wish one and all Godspeed as you make your holiday rounds. We look forward to your safe return and to your continuing service in 2013 and beyond.

Very respectfully,

Thomas C. Mallison / s /
National Commodore

2013 - 2017 Strategic Plan Updated

The Strategic Plan for 2013 - 2017 has been posted to the Leadership page. The plan includes information about the organization of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in addition to the Mission, Vision, and Value statements. Also included are the Strategies, Goals, and Objectives with discussion of each contained in Appendix 1. Please click here to review the Strategic Plan.

Source [N-EA, Anne Lockwood]

Standard Operating Procedures Guide update with 2 new appendixes

The Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOP) has been updated adding Appendix A giving Guidance on Child's Photo Policy and Appendix B detailing U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Survey/Polling Procedure Process. Please click here to see the newly posted version.

Source [N-EA, Anne Lockwood]

BoatUS Grants Available to Flotillas; Deadline 17 December

The BoatUS Grassroots Grants Program is an online grant program which makes funds available to nonprofit organizations, boating clubs and student groups for projects that promote safe and/or clean boating on local waterways. The link to their official application guidelines is http://www.boatus.com/foundation/Grants/faq.asp.. The deadline for receiving grant applications is no later than midnight on December 17, 2012.

Flotillas may submit applications directly to BoatUS under the Association's nonprofit status. Applications from flotillas that are approved by BoatUS are then transmitted to the Association for signing by the Director of Development. BoatUS normally issues a check for all awards made to the Association which will process individual flotilla checks to the recipients. Flotillas receiving awards are required to complete all requirements and reports required by BoatUS, and, to provide copies of all such reports to the Association for official files. Contact the Association's Director of Development at DirectorDevelopment@cgauxa.org should you have any questions. Again, complete application information is available at http://www.boatus.com/foundation/Grants/faq.asp.

NACO Thanksgiving Message

In September 1620 a boat with 102 passengers and 30 crew set sail from Plymouth, England, bound for a location near the mouth of the Hudson River. In November, 66 days later, they reached land far north of the river, having been blown off course by severe weather en route. They stayed on the boat through the winter. Only half their number survived to see the spring. [Anyone see a need for a GAR risk analysis here?] Local inhabitants taught them to grow corn and showed them other skills the following summer. Their first harvest in 1621 was bountiful, and they scheduled a three-day feast to celebrate. They enjoyed birds, deer, and the fruits of their fields. Their new friends, who had shared their knowledge and skills, joined them. They all gave thanks. This remembrance became known as Thanksgiving.

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AuxData Inactivity Rules Changed

IS officers and other credentialed users of AuxData should note that access will now be locked after 90 days of inactivity and deleted after 365 days of inactivity. Passwords still need to be changed every 90 days.

AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer "Member Zone" accounts are not affected. AuxInfo, the flexible report generator for AuxData that requires no credentials for use, is also not affected.

Source [Marilyn S. McBain, DVC-UI]

DNACO Appointments Announced

National Commodore (elect) Thomas C. Mallison today announced the following appointments for two-year terms of office beginning 01 November 2012:

COMO Angelo A. Perata has been appointed deputy national commodore (DNACO) - Operations (O). Perata was elected at NACON as DNACO for the Pacific area.

COMO Harold M. (Hal) Marschall has been named DNACO - Recreational Boating Safety (RBS). Marschall was elected as DNACO for the Atlantic East area.

COMO Richard A. (Rick) Washburn was named DNACO - Mission Support (MS). Washburn was elected as DNACO for the Atlantic West area.

COMO Bruce L. Miller was reappointed DNACO - Information Technology and Planning (ITP) and Chief Information Officer of the Auxiliary.

These appointments were made in accordance with the process described in the Auxiliary Manual, with the concurrence of the Chief Director of the Auxiliary. The three elected DNACOs serve "dual hat" roles, in charge of the districts comprising their geographical area, as well as specific national staff directorates.

Source: N-EA et. al.

NACON Photographs Appear Online

San Antonio, August 25 - Photographs from the Coast Guard Auxiliary's national convention, currently being held here, are beginning to be available on the Internet at the following URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/uscga/collections/72157631238515402.

The annual event, which commenced earlier this week, will be coming to a close with the National Commodore's Banquet tonight.  Photographs will continue to be uploaded over the coming days.

Mallison Elected Next National Commodore; Simoni is Vice

SAN ANTONIO ­ Coast Guard Auxiliary senior leaders today elected Commodore Thomas C. Mallison of Bear Lake, Mich. as our organization's national commodore for a two-year term beginning November 1, 2012.  The election was held at the Coast Guard Auxiliary National Conference (NACON) underway at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk hotel.

Mallison will succeed current National Commodore James E. Vass, Jr. who is completing his two-year term of office.  Mallison has served as vice national commodore under Vass since November 2010.

In a subsequent election, Commodore Mark Simoni of Saginaw, Michigan, was elected vice national commodore, for a two year term.  Simoni currently serves as deputy national commodore for operations (DNACO-O).

Legislative Liaison Committee Chair Appointment

National Commodore James E. Vass, Jr. is pleased to announce the appointment of Commodore Sigurd E. Murphy as Legislative Liaison Committee Chair. COMO Murphy will assist District Commodores with the selection of Legislative Liaison Representatives (LLR), creating a viable reporting system in addition to providing quarterly reports to VNACO, NACO and CHDIRAUX. Congratulations to COMO Murphy.

Source [Anne R Lockwood. N-EA]

NACON Workshop Schedule Announced

Join the NACON 2012 Fiesta in San Antonio, TX, which features a variety of Workshops. Workshops are available on Friday and Saturday (August 24 and 25). For a list of the workshops available, click here.

Source [Anne R Lockwood. N-EA]

Auxiliary Online Member Training Website Has Moved!

The member-training website known as the “U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Virtual Classroom” has moved to a new location, and is now called the “Coast Guard Auxiliary – Online Classroom”. The new link (URL) to the Online Classroom is http://classroom.cgaux.org.  Members, member training officers, and unit webmasters should change all bookmarks, links, or other references to the old Virtual Classroom to the new site and address.

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2012 NACON Info & Registration Available

The 2012 Auxiliary National Convention (NACON) is scheduled for August 22-26 in San Antonio, TX at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk Hotel. Conference registration is now open at www.cgauxa.org/nacon/ where you may find conference information, as well as links to both online registration form and mail-in registration forms. Hotel reservation information is also available, along with the most up-to-date version of the Schedule of Events. Updates will be posted periodically.

This year's covention includes the National Auxiliary elections, preparatory to the biennial Change of Watch on November 1. The conference theme is "FIESTA!" Plan now to join your friends and colleagues in San Antonio and be part of the excitement!

Source [Martin L. Phillips - Executive Director CGAuxA]

Recreational Boating Fatalities at Highest Level Since 1998

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 16, 2012 -Total boating fatalities last year rose to 758, the highest number on record since 1998, according to the U.S. Coast Guard's official 2011 Recreational Boating Statistics released today.

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ANACOs and Department Directors: Appointment/Reappointment Requires Letter of Intent

Individuals who wish to apply for appointment as a department director (DIR) or Assistant National Commodore (ANACO) for the watch beginning November 1, 2012, including incumbents, must make their intentions known in writing, by August 01, 2012.

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Coastie Winners Announced

National Commodore James E. Vass, Jr. is pleased to announce the winners of the four new Coasties, which were purchased by CG-BSX-1. The winners are: District 17, District 9CR, District 7 - Division - 12 Flotilla 10, and District 8ER. The winners were selected by the NEXCOM after review of the letters submitted. Letters were received from Districts, Divisions, and Flotillas from all over the country. Congratulations to all four winners.

Source [Anne R Lockwood. N-EA]

Weather Damages Auxiliary National Supply Center; Operations Temporarily on Hold

ST. LOUIS - Severe weather damaged the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC) last Saturday, April 28. The building is currently in non-operational status while personnel assess the damage and work toward getting the facility back up and running. A timeframe is presently not available for operational status.

Coast Guard Auxiliary units requesting brochures and other material for their National Safe Boating Week campaigns, as well as general operations, are asked to be patient and procure items via alternative resources until ANSC is again operational.

Additional information will be passed along as it becomes available.

Source [Christopher Todd, Deputy Director | Government & Public Affairs]

New Grants Handbook Available

The 2012 edition of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Grants Handbook is now available. The Grants Handbook includes information about several awards and grants available to Auxiliarists and Auxiliary units.

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Support of Mobile Devices Including iPad and iPhone at Auxiliary Websites

Auxiliary Websites and web-based applications are supported on modern browsers on both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms, using Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. "Modern" means browsers released in the last three (3) years of the date you are reading this.

However, we currently provide no support for our websites and applications on mobile operating systems, including iOS on the iPad and iPhone. Although most Auxiliary sites will perform as expected on these platforms, some will not. For example, any site constructed with the AuxWeb "JavaScript" platform will not function properly on an iPad; left menu items having submenus cannot be activated. This is due to an apparent problem in Mobile Safari.

If you are faced with such a problem using iPad, iPhone, or other mobile platform, you have a simple recourse: visit the site from your laptop or desktop personal computer, and use the site as intended.  When this situation changes, it will be announced here.

Auxiliary 2012-2016 Strategic Plan Updated; Changing Roles Cited

Commodore Vass's United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Strategic Plan 2012-2016, originally issued in November 2010, has been updated effective March, 2012. According to Assistant National Commodore for Planning and Performance Fred Gates, Auxiliary leadership has re-examined the roles our organization plays in support of the U.S. Coast Guard, and is re-emphasizing the organization's role in recreational boating safety -- without diminishing the Auxiliary's contributions to maritime safety and security.

A downloadable copy of the revised Strategic Plan may be found on the Leadership Page under "Auxiliary Strategic Plan".

Source [Fred Gates ANACO-PP]

New V-Department DIR Announced

National Commodore James E. Vass, Jr. is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly L. Townsend as Director of the National Department of Vessel Examination and Recreational Boating Safety Visitation. Kelly was previously Division Chief, Liaison Division in the RBS Outreach Department.
Congratulations to Kelly Townsend.

Source [Anne Lockwood, N-EA]

eBEACON Latest Issue Available

The latest issue of the eBEACON publication is now available for viewing at http://www.cgauxa.org/beacon/beacon.pdf. Special articles on Auxiliary activities, member benefits and special sales at the Online District Materials Store.

Source [Martin L. Phillips - Executive Director CGAuxA]

Certain Auxiliary Training Courses Changing Platforms

The Training Department has received directions from Coast Guard FORCECOM Training (F-T) to move all Coast Guard Auxiliary courses from the current Coast Guard site by May 7th. In response to this directive, the Training Department, working with the Information Technology Group, will form a working team to effect a smooth transition to an alternative site. During this period of time, we do not anticipate any major interruption of service.

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Postage Increases Soon

Prices for most U. S. Postal Service mailing will change on January 22, 2012. The increase will affect letters and postcards. Increases are as follows:

Cards: Between 3½” x 5” x 0.007” and 4¼” x 6” x 0.016”
Postage: 32¢ - Requires card stock quality paper

Letters: No greater than 6⅛” x 11½” x ¼” & 3.5 oz. (#10 envelope)
Postage: 1 oz. = 45¢ (Add 20¢ for each additional ounce)

Flats: Between 6⅛” x 11½” x ¼” and 12” x 15” x ¾” (i.e. our 9 x 12 manila envelopes)
Postage: 1 oz. = 90¢ Add 20¢ for each additional ounce

Parcels: No greater than 108” in length and girth
Postage: Up to 3 oz. = $1.95 Add 17¢ for each additional ounce

Three-cent stamps will be available through ANSC for use on postcards that have the 29- cent stamps currently on them.

Source [Anne R. Lockwood, N-EA]

Surface Operations Workshop

The 2012 Surface Operations workshop materials are now available on the Response web site. This is an Optional training session for Auxiliarists participating in surface operations.

Source [Bruce C Pugh, DVC-RE]