Chief Information Officer's Blog b2evolution 2020-08-06T01:34:42Z PODIO to be our Project Management Tool DNACO-ITP/ CIO 2014-05-17T23:51:12Z 2014-05-17T23:51:12Z  

We are happy to announce that we have selected PODIO as our online management tool for our National Staff.  Over the next few months we will be using it to streamline the methods we use to keep track of staff activities as well as take advantage of its integratoin with our email and file management system.



Our current reliance on email and spreadsheets has served us well but as activities expand, our need for tools expand as well.  We believe PODIO will provide us ways to better track open action items and direct our limited volunteer hours to items needed attention versus monitoring task lists as is done now.



We will be using this space to report out best practices and seek feedback from you, the member, about ways our National Staff efforts can better support you in the important mission of promoting recreational boating safety.



If you know of other non-profit organizations that are struggling with keeping track of open tasks in support of their mission and membership, you might want to look at  You might find its integration with Google Apps and its feature set useful as well.



In Case you Missed It DNACO-ITP/ CIO 2014-05-04T02:00:25Z 2014-05-04T02:00:25Z A little over a week ago the airwaves were filled with reports of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.  The reports went as far (based on advice from DHS's USCERT office) as saying to discontinue use of the browser until a fix was found.    In case you missed it, the fix was rolled out the middle of this past week.   Not all systems are set to update automatically when patches are released and mine, even though it *is* set for automatic updates, let the fix sit waiting for my action for a couple of days.

I appear to be about like 80% of the world now as one that does not use Internet Explorer for personal use.  It is still a good idea to keep the security fixes applied to it because once in a while something will cause it to launch on my system at home even though Chrome is my browser of choice.

Take a moment to check "Windows Update" and see if you have patches to apply.  If you do, please do that.

What do I do? DNACO-ITP/ CIO 2014-05-04T01:47:20Z 2014-05-04T01:47:20Z Turn on the news everyday and there is a story of the new struggle with cyber security that is likely being reported.  Information being stolen, sites being hacked, computers infected with the latest virus or malware are all messages you are likely to hear.  As Auxiliarists, we have the responsibility that we owe to ourselves but also to our Shipmates and to the US Coast Guard.  So the question that comes to mind if you see something that is not looking right is "What do I do?"

For your personal sake, you can do the following:

  • Obtain and keep current one of the many choices for anti-virus software.  A search on "free anti-virus software' will give you many choices.
  • Don't open attachments to emails from people you don't know or, if you do know them, it is an attachment that they are not likely to have sent.  If you are not sure, ask them first.

Once upon a time, we only needed to keep physical control of a desktop and maybe a laptop computer.  Today, we have more computing power in the palm of our hand than filled the largest computer centers just 50 years ago.  On these convenient phones, tablets, etc can often be information about others (in your contacts) that need to be safeguarded.  As Auxiliary members, we are bound by the Auxiliary Manual to protect personal information and Operational Information (OPSEC) related to the Coast Guard.

The question comes up "What do I do" if you see something on an Auxiliary website that you believe is openly showing personal or operational information.  With most issues in the Auxiliary, we are directed to use the Chain of Leadership to report concerns.  In the information technology world we live in, there is a step I ask you take first.  Go to (Our help desk system) and report what you see.  That is the quickest way to put the question in the hands of people that can act swiftly to resolve it.  If it is one of our National Systems (AUXDIRECTORY, SKILLS BANKS, etc) or a Website (WOW or otherwise), please take a moment and submit a ticket.